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8 Remakes That Give Me Hope For The Future Of Filmmaking, And eight That Narrate Hollywood’s Out Of Solutions

Father of the Bride turned into just appropriate released on HBO Max closing week. HBO Max This is the third film adaptation of the 1949 new of the equivalent determine written by Edward Streeter. In 1950, the unconventional turned into tailored into a film starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. Then, in 1991, it turned…

8 Remakes That Give Me Hope For The Future Of Filmmaking, And eight That Narrate Hollywood’s Out Of Solutions

Father of the Bride turned into just appropriate released on HBO Max closing week.


This is the third film adaptation of the 1949 new of the equivalent determine written by Edward Streeter. In 1950, the unconventional turned into tailored into a film starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. Then, in 1991, it turned into remade with Steve Martin.

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The latest iteration of the film is a contemporary new reveal on the epic, with a Cuban-American household at the helm.


Ceaselessly, we win lucky and Hollywood will give us a remake that brings something new to the epic. Nonetheless, as a rule, we’re just appropriate staring at a carbon reproduction of a film that introduced film specialists monetary success within the past.


So let’s reveal a take a examine 8 remakes that in truth had something new to reveal, and eight that appear a microscopic TOO acquainted even as you happen to build a query to me:


TOO SIMILAR — Diminutive Females (2019)

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This film’s grand, and it turned into nominated for hundreds awards, BUT that is the SEVENTH film model of Diminutive Females. There is additionally been a miniseries, TV adaptations, musicals, and even an opera. That is simply too many things, especially when the basic epic is left relatively unchanged. Did Hollywood must remake this, certainly? Or did they must showcase the brand new who’s who of white millennial and Gen Z Hollywood for profit?



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This remake didn’t win the completely opinions, however at the least the filmmakers gave us something assorted. Annie had been made twice ahead of this, with a comparatively identical-taking a look solid both times. This 2014 Annie turned into the fundamental model to be get hold of within the level to-day rather than the Big Despair. And, it turned into additionally the fundamental model to solid Dusky actors as the two leads. (Jamie Foxx as Daddy Warbucks and Quvenzhané Wallis as Annie).


TOO SIMILAR — Carrie (2013)

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The 2013 model of Carrie turned into supposed to be more of an adaptation of the usual book barely than a remake of the 1976 De Palma basic, nonetheless it relatively vital follows the usual beat-for-beat.

There had been positively some stylistic variations, however this new edition didn’t seem to update the detect of Carrie’s mother and their dwelling, or any of the creepy feeble-customary non secular stuff either. It turned into so equivalent to the usual that, at definite substances, I forgot this turned into get hold of in licensed day.

Kimberly Peirce, the remake’s director, is an improbable filmmaker, and I reflect this turned into a case of the film studio having too vital input. They wished to update Carrie, however rather than doing so in a meaningful blueprint, they gave us the equivalent feeble epic however *now with cell telephones!*


ADDED SOMETHING NEW — West Aspect Story (2021)

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2021’s West Aspect Story turned into a success with both audiences and critics. It followed the equivalent storyline as the usual from 1961, however integrated a pair of changes. One fundamental replace turned into the feature of Anybodys. Within the usual film, Anybodys turned into a tomboy, however within the 2021 model, he is a trans man. This, along with casting true Latinx actors to play characters which will possible be Puerto Rican, offers the film and its characters blueprint more depth.


TOO SIMILAR — Psycho (1998)

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There is absolute self belief in my tips that this almost about shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 basic Psycho can must quiet beneath no conditions had been made. Vince Vaughn? As Norman Bates? He wants. 

I love Gus Van Sant, the director who made this, however adore, even as you happen to have the tear-ahead to remake one of the favored disaster movies of all time, at the least develop something assorted. And I’m no longer talking about making it in coloration or along with a scene where Vince Vaughn’s Norman is jerking off to Marion Crane due to those weren’t ample. Give me something assorted, something more moderen! Folks are gonna compare your model to the usual anyway, so even as you happen to develop something fully out of left field, perhaps they’d at the least admire that. 


ADDED SOMETHING NEW — Freaky Friday (2018)


Folks regard the 2003 Lindsay Lohan/Jamie Lee Curtis Freaky Friday as the completely model, and perhaps even the completely model. Nonetheless, there have in truth been three other adaptations of the film. The latest one is a Disney Channel Usual Movie, and it’s in step with a musical of the equivalent determine. The film itself is a microscopic bit extra special and awkward, however the songs slap. It in truth doesn’t feel adore a remake. Or no longer it’s its hold thing, which is correct, due to I believe adore Disney is aware of that if they tried to remake the 2003 one, there would possibly perhaps perhaps be an uproar.


TOO SIMILAR — A Christmas Carol

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Okay, I’m no longer talking about a selected model of A Christmas Carol right here, and more just appropriate adore, the total variations. There is just appropriate so many, and they abet coming out. Obvious, there’ll be an usual gem infrequently hidden among the many complete clones, however they’re relatively few and much between. And adore, why even accomplish one more model afterThe Muppet Christmas Carol exists?


ADDED SOMETHING NEW (however just appropriate barely) — Pet Sematary (2019)

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The Pet Sematary remake made some relatively sizable changes from the usual 1989 model. The distance is de facto the equivalent: in both movies, a household strikes into a new dwelling, one of their adolescents will get hit by a truck, they bury the kid in a cemetery that brings the tiring aid to existence, and the kid comes aid pass and kills folks. Within the usual, the household’s very younger son Gage dies, while within the remake, it’s the older sister Ellie that will get trudge over. 

By altering which kid dies, the brand new Pet Sematary tried to develop something assorted, so I could give them that. Nonetheless, I reflect it in truth just appropriate made the epic gigantic lifeless. A baby zombie boy is barely appropriate repeatedly gonna be scarier to me than the overused trope of a creepy microscopic lady. Nonetheless A for effort!


TOO SIMILAR — The Unprecedented Spider-Man (2012)

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In 2002 Sam Raimi gave us the iconic Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire, which resulted in the very best superhero film of all time, Spider-Man 2, and, for positive, the notoriously campy Spider-Man 3. Acceptable 5 short years after the third entry, Sony gave us The Unprecedented Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield. Now not totally did we must detect your complete spider bite/transformation stuff at some stage in again, however we needed to glimpse Uncle Ben’s loss of life a 2nd time, all while Raimi’s franchise turned into quiet relatively contemporary in our minds.

Nonetheless I guess it turned into all price it when both Maguire and Garfield returned in 2021’s Spider-Man: No Methodology Home to be part of Tom Holland’s model of Spider-Man for an interdimensional team-up.


ADDED SOMETHING NEW — Ghostbusters (2016)

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Many folks hated the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters. Some knowing it turned into a gimmick, however we are able to all agree that it introduced something new to the table. It turned into an all-female team of Ghostbusters this time. And while it wasn’t the very best film ever made, it tried something assorted. 

The launch of the brand new Ghostbusters and the following backlash it received resulted in a form of discourse regarding gender and fan culture, however nothing certainly came of it. If Hollywood made a gender-swapped Indiana Jones factual now, I’m obvious the fans would react the equivalent true blueprint they spoke back to Ghostbusters. This is strictly why Hollywood wants to abet taking potentialities adore this. So as that, sooner or later, everybody will be ready to detect themselves on masks masks.


TOO SIMILAR — Cinderella (2015)

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Disney’s hottest construction of remaking their fascinating movies into are living-action variations appears to be like to me adore a HUGE omitted alternative, especially with Cinderella. We have seen the fascinating model from 1950 a hundred times. We’re so aware of the characters and the storyline, that it’s lifeless to detect the equivalent thing again, although it’s being performed with true are living actors. Rather than casting an actor that appears to be like to be like similar to a cold fascinating film personality that turned into drawn over 60 years ago, why no longer solid someone fully assorted? Or perhaps replace the distance a microscopic, or add a twist ending?

There are dozens of identical adaptations of Cinderella. Except someone adds something new to the mix, can we just appropriate finish making these movies? I suggest, I will totally reveal so many tiring dads, sizable dress reveals, and unexplained musical interludes.


ADDED SOMETHING NEW — The Mummy (1999)

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The Mummy remake turned into a gigantic success. It resulted in two sequels and launched The Scorpion King franchise. The film that it turned into in step with turned into a disaster film, 1932’s The Mummy starring Boris Karloff. The remake, nonetheless, turned into an action-adventure film with Brendan Frasier at the helm.

I desire to reveal that the motive this remake is no longer just appropriate a carbon reproduction of the usual is for the rationale that space, the characters, and the genre are fully assorted. Nonetheless, while that’s correct, the “something new” that sets this film other than the usual is, certainly, Brendan Fraser.

Fraser’s Rick O’Connell is a correct himbo, an icon of his time, and your complete the clarification why when someone mentions The Mummy there would possibly perhaps be no blueprint it’s possible you’ll perhaps perhaps be pondering of the 1932 model.


TOO SIMILAR — A Neatly-known person is Born (2018)

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Essentially the hottest, and fourth, adaption of A Neatly-known person is Born, turned into equivalent to its Barbra Streisand-led 1976 predecessor. Certain, there had been several changes, however that wasn’t ample for some folks, particularly Barbra Streisand who struggled with its originality. She has mentioned that the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper film turned into too almost about her model and if reality be told “the pass knowing.”

She turned into quoted as asserting, “I will no longer argue with success, however I develop no longer care so vital about success as I develop originality.” 

I love the sentiment, Barbra. Sail shake things up in Hollywood.


ADDED SOMETHING NEW — The Big Gatsby (2013)

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Whether you adore him or no longer, Baz Luhrmann repeatedly offers us a cinematic extravaganza. Watching one of his movies is an tournament. 

In his 2013 interpretation of The Big Gatsby, he mixes feeble eras with licensed tune, his sets and costumes are over-the-high, and everything you detect appears to be like to be like practically surreal. It oozes decadence and opulence and usually it’s even too vital to detect at. And, we already have a straightforward retelling of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s new in 1979’s The Big Gatsby starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. Baz Luhrmann knew that. So he gave us Gatsby thru his eyes. He did what a remake can must quiet develop: update an feeble epic for a novel audience.


TOO SIMILAR — Silly Video games (2007)

Madman Entertainment, Warner Self sustaining

In 1997, director Michael Haneke released his Austrian thriller Silly Video games. He had repeatedly wished to get hold of it in The USA, so ten years later, he made it again with American actors in a shot-for-shot remake.

Because it’s made by the equivalent director, the 2007 model is equally as provoking and efficient as its ’90s precursor.

These movies are no longer just appropriate siblings, they’re equivalent twins, and you also cannot certainly hold one over the opposite. Or no longer it’s adore that feeble “space the imposter” trope where the villain’s disguised themselves as the hero’s buddy and they both are attempting to persuade the hero that the opposite one is the imposter.


ADDED SOMETHING NEW — Diminutive Shop of Horrors (1986)

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1986’s Diminutive Shop of Horrors is in step with a musical from 1982, which is in step with a disaster comedy film from 1960. 

The musical stars The USA’s sweetheart Rick Moranis as Seymour in a career-defining performance (Spaceballs who?). The tune turned into written and quiet by Howard Ashman and EGOT-winner Alan Menken. They would tear on to jot down the tune for The Diminutive MermaidBeauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. 

The film turned into nominated for 2 Oscars and is now knowing to be an absolute basic. By turning the usual into a musical, the remake, while quiet preserving its disaster-comedy tone, can entirely stand on its hold.

Let us know which remakes you knowing added something new to the availability field cloth and which ones had been too identical.

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