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Celestron Evolved VX 8 Edge HD telescope: Paunchy overview

That is an optically very ultimate telescope with a rugged, lightweight computerized mount. Supposed for serious amateurs, it is aesthetic for all kinds of visual astronomy and some astrophotography. When you know the sky and conception to be doing astronomy for a extremely long time, right here is the telescope to get. For EdgeHD has…

Celestron Evolved VX 8 Edge HD telescope: Paunchy overview

That is an optically very ultimate telescope with a rugged, lightweight computerized mount. Supposed for serious amateurs, it is aesthetic for all kinds of visual astronomy and some astrophotography. When you know the sky and conception to be doing astronomy for a extremely long time, right here is the telescope to get.


  • EdgeHD has the appropriate optics on hand in a telescope of this dimension
  • Computerized mount finds and tracks objects reliably
  • Dovetail mount machine
  • Confirmed design on the market for years, incrementally refined

In opposition to

  • Constructing requires some knowledge of the sky
  • Most attention-grabbing one eyepiece is supplied
  • Needs a sturdier mount for serious long-exposure pictures

 The Celestron Evolved VX 8-scuttle EdgeHD is a flexible telescope machine for intermediate to evolved amateur astronomers, but peaceful miniature and gentle-weight-weight ample to transport without problems for watching out in the country. The 8-scuttle aperture is ample to look at and movie all kinds of celestial objects, and the computerized equatorial mount makes it uncomplicated to receive and song them.


Optical design: EdgeHD (improved Schmidt-Cassegrain with extra lens parts)

Aperture: 203.2 mm (8-in)

Focal dimension: 2032 mm (80-in)

Focal ratio: f/10

Eyepiece focal dimension: 40 mm (50×)

Total equipment weight: 61 lbs. (27.67 kg) (breaks into 3 predominant parts for transport)

Mount form: German equatorial, computerized, with servo motors

Optically, the EdgeHD machine is terribly ultimate, and, with appropriate accessories, it couples to all kinds of cameras. Views of Saturn and Jupiter are dramatic; globular clusters are resolved into stars; all the Messier Objects are it appears to be like that seen; and with a well informed scrutinize and a murky country sky, galaxies are seen all the trend down to 12th magnitude. Or not it is a telescope it’s doubtless you’ll presumably not outgrow.

Since this telescope is pitched to somewhat evolved users, we are reviewing it from that level of analysis. The creator has been the spend of a Celestron Evolved VX 8 Edge HD as their foremost equipment since 2014 and is conscious of them successfully. As a long-time member of the actual person neighborhood, the creator additionally is conscious of that they are legit. 

Celestron Evolved VX 8 Edge HD: Originate

Stock image of the Celestron advanced telescope

A study of the Celestron Evolved VX 8-scuttle Edge HD telescope on mount and tripod (Image credit: Michael Covington)
  • EdgeHD optical design outperforms Schmidt-Cassegrain
  • Lightweight, rugged computerized mount
  • Interoperability — totally different telescopes, totally different mounts, favorite accessories

The EdgeHD optical machine is the jewel in Celestron’s crown, an improved Schmidt-Cassegrain with extra lens parts, and despite the incontrovertible reality that the approach is supposed primarily for pictures, we are able to be taught about it visually with an eyepiece.

The computerized mount combines Celestron’s NexStar firmware with a German-trend equatorial mount whose foremost axis aspects at the celestial pole. This affords as it will be-oriented tracking for pictures and the means to make spend of totally different telescopes on the identical mount. As an illustration, our Evolved VX mount without problems carries a digital camera with a telephoto lens pretty than the EdgeHD. The contemporary version accepts both Vixen (slim) and Losmandy (huge) dovetails.

The hand controls for the Celestron advanced telescope

 Computerized mount finds celestial objects, taking commands from hand box or by the spend of USB from your PC (Image credit: Michael Covington)

When put next to opponents, the Evolved VX mount head is both lightweight and comparatively rugged, not without problems damaged or thrown out of adjustment. The telescope, mount head and tripod separate without problems for transport.

The mount requires 12-14V DC vitality, about 0.5 amp as a rule, up to 3 or 4 amps momentarily when transferring the telescope snappy. We spend a portable battery pack.

Celestron Evolved VX 8 Edge HD: Performance

Author looking through eyepiece on the Celestron advanced telescoped

The ultimate study is in total with an eyepiece around 20mm, not the supplied 40mm (Image credit: Michael Covington)
  • Gorgeous optics
  • Finds and tracks celestial objects reliably
  • Severe deep-sky pictures requires an even bigger mount

All factual telescopes in the identical dimension class give identical views, so this one will not be well-known totally different from totally different successfully-made 6 to10-scuttle telescopes. When put next to veteran Schmidt-Cassegrains, despite the incontrovertible reality that, we close ranking the EdgeHD is sharper, in particular a long way from the heart of the realm. 

The supplied 40mm eyepiece provides 50 vitality, which appears to be like to be low but is supreme for star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. Celestron assumes you’re going to pick extra eyepieces and as such, we would counsel two extra, around 20mm (100x favorite cause) and 10mm (200x for the moon and planets). In exceptionally real air we were ready to make spend of a 5mm eyepiece (400x) on shut double stars. Excessive-quality eyepieces elevate out the appropriate in this aesthetic telescope, so don’t skimp.

Nebula image composited next to the telescope setup

Evolved VX mount (older version proven, with aftermarket saddle) can elevate digital camera and telephoto lens for dramatic deep-sky photography (Image credit: Michael Covington)

After upright setup, the mount finds celestial objects acceptably (successfully ample to get the thing for the duration of the realm of a 20-mm eyepiece) and tracks them thoroughly. That it’s doubtless you’ll take out objects on the hand controller, a PC running Celestron’s PWI application, or various totally different sky intention programs corresponding to Stellarium. Astrophotographers will must construct PEC coaching, as described in the handbook, for even smoother tracking.

Nevertheless, for long exposures of nebulae and galaxies, with an autoguider and guidescope sending fixed corrections to the mount, the Evolved VX left me wanting (and at last transferring to) a heftier mount with extra true gears and no more backlash. That is most efficient an self-discipline when the Evolved VX is carrying a telescope this successfully-organized. It performs thoroughly carrying a smaller telescope.

Celestron Evolved VX 8 Edge HD: Functionality

An astrocamera attached to the Celestron advanced telescope

An astrocamera (not integrated) or DSLR attaches pretty than the eyepiece for pictures thru the telescope (Image credit: Michael Covington)
  • Computer-aided setup job
  • Plentiful views of all kinds of celestial objects
  • Needs extra eyepieces (approx 20mm and 10mm)

For the reason that Evolved VX is an equatorial mount, the setup is extra than aesthetic the identical old job of centering a pair of stars that the telescope robotically aspects to. You additionally must purpose its polar axis at Polaris, then refine the alignment by sighting stars and letting the mount’s pc repeat you the errors. This job, which Celestron calls ‘All-Megastar Polar Alignment’, is to hand and impressively aesthetic, but you close must determine sparkling stars. If the pc says to heart Enif and also you heart Alpheratz, you’re going to get wrong results. That is the predominant distinction between equatorial mounts and folks that are extra newbie-friendly.

An image of Jupiter taken with the Celestron advanced telescope

A digitally processed image of Jupiter with 8-scuttle EdgeHD and astrocamera (old determine). Image processing brings out well-known extra than the scrutinize can be taught about (Image credit: Michael Covington)

That is a aesthetic telescope for viewing all kinds of celestial objects. That it’s doubtless you’ll additionally attach a digital camera (smartphone, DSLR, mirrorless, or astrocamera) for photography of the moon and, with care and skill, planets and deep-sky objects. One among the most aesthetic issues we ranking done is to opt hundreds of video frames of Jupiter, Saturn, or Mars with an limitless video digital camera, then stack and sharpen them for a study a long way better than the human scrutinize may possibly presumably get with the identical telescope.

That is an expandable machine, taking many favorite accessories, and also you’re going to need one or two bigger-vitality (shorter-focal-dimension) eyepieces straight.

A deep sky object taken with the Celestron advanced telescope

Add a guidescope, autoguider and an even digital camera and also you’re going to be ready to opt deep-sky photography love this thru the telescope, but an even bigger mount than the Evolved VX makes them well-known simpler (Image credit: Michael Covington)

Have to peaceful I make a choice the Celestron Evolved VX 8 Edge HD telescope?

When you’re a predominant amateur astronomer increasing a deep conception of both the sky and the telescope, then right here is an appealing product. The telescope is as factual as it’s doubtless you’ll presumably need for in its dimension differ. The mount works successfully for everything besides long-exposure deep-sky pictures and there may possibly be various room for enhance with favorite accessories and even, if need warrants, a heftier mount.

If this product isn’t for you

In case your foremost ardour is long-exposure astrophotography, skip the Evolved VX and get the identical telescope on a Celestron CGX or Losmandy GM8 mount (at an appreciably bigger trace).

When you are new to astronomy and not yet factual at recognizing stars, that is inclined to be a runt bit well-known; you’re going to be ready to get very identical views with a Celestron 6 or 8-scuttle NexStar telescope on a fork-arm mount which is well-known simpler to opt around and placement up.

Be half of our Home Boards to opt talking location on the most contemporary missions, evening sky and extra! And whenever you happen to may possibly ranking a news tip, correction or comment, enable us to know at:

Michael Covington

Michael A. Covington started taking a peek at, and photographing, the evening sky over half of a century ago and has by no approach stopped. By day, after a long instructional profession at the University of Georgia’s Institute for Synthetic Intelligence, he is now doing AI analysis and building in the financial alternate. He is the creator of Digital SLR Astrophotography, How to Speak a Computerized Telescope, Astrophotography for the Beginner, and totally different books and articles. He lives shut to Atlanta with his spouse, his daughter, and a varying series of cameras and telescopes.


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