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Chord Mojo 2 evaluation: Sound so best seemingly, it could per chance per chance per chance rush you to tears

Chord Mojo 2 MSRP $725.00 “The Chord Mojo 2 takes your smartphone or pc and turns it into an excellent-sounding, astonishingly capable tune machine.” Pros Wonderful sound Highly effective ample to drive most headphones More than one tool connection alternate strategies Customizable lossless equalizer Long battery lifestyles Cons The equalizer is sophisticated MicroUSB charging is…

Chord Mojo 2 evaluation: Sound so best seemingly, it could per chance per chance per chance rush you to tears

Chord Mojo 2 seen from the top down.

Chord Mojo 2

MSRP $725.00

“The Chord Mojo 2 takes your smartphone or pc and turns it into an excellent-sounding, astonishingly capable tune machine.”


  • Wonderful sound
  • Highly effective ample to drive most headphones
  • More than one tool connection alternate strategies
  • Customizable lossless equalizer
  • Long battery lifestyles


  • The equalizer is sophisticated
  • MicroUSB charging is outdated
  • No MQA file playback

I’ve let about a folk hear to the Mojo 2 DAC (digital-to-analog converter) with a pair of very particular headphones, and one particular person in fact did shed a stride as an extraordinarily emotional song came to an finish. That’s the Mojo 2 attain. The usage of it could per chance per chance per chance have in mind you explore for some original, likely ridiculously dear headphones, fortunately pay for Howdy-Res streaming services, and grab day outing of your day dazzling to nonetheless down and listen to to improbable-sounding tune. The Chord Mojo 2 is one thing very particular indeed, and I’ve been paying attention to it for approximately a month.

Invent and connections

Have to you’ve seen the first Chord Mojo, then you’ll explore that not famous has changed. There are now four buttons on the entrance and a original USB Kind-C connector, but otherwise, the small field is reasonably famous identical. There’s moreover an optical/coax out and a pair of Micro USB connectors, one for charging and the utterly different for the USB Kind-A adapter that comes within the field. On the reverse finish of the aluminum field, you acquire twin 3.5mm headphone jacks, so that you must per chance per chance per chance presumably hear with a friend.

The Chord Mojo 2 features colorful buttons.
Andy Boxall/Digital Developments

It’s not what I’d call a pocketable DAC — although it in all fairness smaller than the first Chord Mojo — at the very least when compared to a lot of the USB stick-sized affairs most folk will deem of. However it completely’ll drag into a acquire whereas you in fact need to grab it out with you, plus there’s a battery interior that’s best seemingly ample for approximately eight hours employ. I don’t in fact explore it as an out-and-about product, though. It’s simplest loved at home, however the anodized dark enact will have to stamp hardwearing whereas you enact elevate it about in a acquire.

Fire the Mojo 2 into lifestyles, and the four buttons all illuminate in utterly different colours, and so all of them dynamically commerce whereas you press them to spark off utterly different capabilities, too. That’s it for flashy have in mind ingredients, though. Right here is a small dark field that that you must per chance per chance eliminate ensuing from what’s interior, not what it seems delight in on the outdoor.

To safe the sound from the Mojo 2 to your cellular phone, you utilize a USB Kind-C-to-Kind-C cable whereas you’ve got an Android cellular phone — it labored straight away with my Galaxy S21 Ultra and OnePlus 9 Skilled. Have to you’ve got an iPhone, that you must per chance per chance per chance presumably just like the Lighting fixtures-to-USB Digicam Adapter, which costs $29 and connects to the Mojo 2’s USB Kind-A-to-Micro USB adapter. It’s reasonably messy and could per chance per chance per chance require extra expense whereas you don’t have the dazzling adapter already, but you’ll safe over it whereas you hear.

Living with Mojo

Gorgeous warning here, there’s going to be some talk that makes me sound delight in an audiophile. It’s the attain the Mojo 2 has on you. Before we safe into how the Mojo 2 works and sounds, we will have the option to have to safe into the contrivance it suits into your lifestyles. The Chord Mojo 2 turns your smartphone into an extremely mighty tune machine, but to completely collect its abilities, you’ve bought to commit to it.

The Chord Mojo 2 next to an iPhone 13 Pro.
Andy Boxall/Digital Developments

Chord says the Mojo 2 is designed to work with any pair of headphones, and whereas here is factually dazzling, it’s in fact wasted on a pair of common headphones. Have to you’re planning to employ the EarPods that came with a lengthy-retired iPhone 6, don’t anxiety. The Mojo 2 deserves a mountainous pair of headphones, and so enact your ears. It’s not in fact ethical for paying attention to tune on the trek either. It’s not overly heavy at 185 grams, however the many cables or not it is miles crucial to handle have in mind it anxious, as well as an accident waiting to happen. There’s no Bluetooth connection, so whereas that you must per chance per chance per chance presumably’t quit your wi-fi headphones, it won’t be for you.

What’s the Chord Mojo 2, then? If, delight in me, you’ve most ceaselessly daydreamed about constructing a truly capable tune machine at home with massive audio system, amps, a mega position of headphones, and your entire rest of the excessive-tech add-ons, but then awakened and realized you don’t have the condominium or the money, the Mojo 2 is the solution.

In the end of my month with the Mojo 2, I’ve been spoiling myself by plugging in some perfect headphones, and it has been rate it. I’ve historical the Chord Mojo 2 with Sennheiser HD660S headphones, Jays Q-Jays, Audeze iSine 20, Grado GS3000e, and a pair of (dreamy) Focal Stellia. I’ve historical Tidal, YouTube Song, Apple Song, and my own assortment for tune, mainly with an iPhone 13 Skilled, but moreover with my Mac Mini M1 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Chord Mojo 2 turns your smartphone into an extremely mighty tune machine.

The true fact I’m the usage of the Focal Stellia headphones — which payment $3,000 — could per chance per chance per chance shock you, but it completely goes to the center of what makes the Mojo 2 so particular. Worthy delight in Focal, Chord has pedigree and exclusivity, and the Mojo 2 is hand-built within the U.Okay. by an audio impress with extra than 35 years trip. The Mojo 2 drives the Stellia without an argument, the usage of simplest the iPhone as a source, so it returns a excessive share of that dream home setup trip, at a a lot much less dear trace, and with none of the condominium necessities.

Paying consideration to the Mojo 2

The Mojo 2 delivers sound that you must per chance per chance per chance presumably almost clutch on to,with a delightful fullness that’s not easy to descriptively pin down. There’s depth and clarity, but by no approach any injurious richness or harshness, no subject the tune. You would also very well be feeling the instruments and voices, and listen to your entire emotion that can in most cases be lost through uncomfortable-quality devices and headphones. I’ve demoed the iPhone/Mojo 2/Stellia combination to about a folk, and all have been blown away by the contrivance it makes their popular tune sound. One particular person develop into as soon as in fact moved to tears, underlining the energy of the Mojo 2  when blended with a improbable pair of headphones and your popular share of tune.

The Chord Mojo 2 sports two headphone jacks.
Andy Boxall/Digital Developments

I’ve yet to hear to one thing that didn’t sound perfect. The pretty soundstage in Stravinsky’s The Firebird Suite (particularly, Infernal Dance of King Kaschei) is pretty, with the brass instruments above your head, the percussion down someplace to the dazzling, and each utterly different instrument whipping around you in a elegant, dizzying vogue. It’s completely controlled, difficult, and fully immersive.

The guitar-pushed crescendo of Sky’s Carillon is completely realized and Richard Burton’s emotive disclose draws you into Jeff Gordon’s Eve of the Battle, which yet again reveals off the Mojo 2 and Stellia’s huge soundstage. The bass thump in Ive’s Eleven and Iz*One’s Sequence by no approach overpowers the vocals — a necessary phase of Okay-pop and J-pop — whereas the snares in both have a whip-delight in crack, and the highs of every performer’s disclose are piquant and devoid of distortion.

Whereas the Focal Stellia are snappy-witted, I perceive they is likely to be a monetary stretch, however the Mojo 2 made your entire headphones I tested it with sound incredible. It presents them guts and depth, a solidity that’s missing when headphones aren’t given the energy they need. Yes there’s extra quantity, but it completely regularly comes with clarity and sharpness. I in fact have listened for hours on finish because all the pieces sounds precisely how I desire it to, and there’s no designate of distortion or unpleasantness.

The enjoyment I’ve bought from paying attention to the Mojo 2 can’t be overstated.

What about whereas you put it up in opposition to the distinctive Mojo? Listening with the Audeze iSine in-ears, the Mojo’s same paunchy-bodied sound is straight away evident, however the Mojo 2 has masses extra energy, severely extra bass response, vastly improved clarity and precision, and no designate of distortion at all. Have to you’ve bought a Mojo, it’s completely rate upgrading. I moreover when compared it to the much less dear iFi iDSD Nano Shadowy Mark, and whereas I delight in the sound and it develop into as soon as elated when paired with the Sennheiser HD660S, it didn’t in fact have the energy to drive the Focal Stellia headphones, and develop into as soon as missing the pretty, paunchy sound of the Mojo 2.

The enjoyment I’ve bought from paying attention to the Mojo 2 can’t be overstated, and I don’t deem I’ve in fact explored the breadth of its skill yet.


The noteworthy tech substitute over the distinctive Chord Mojo, and the predominant to its incredible sound, is the custom 104-bit, 705/768kHz UHD DSP. It’s an worldwide’s first, in conserving with Chord, as it presents a technique to alter the tone one day of the frequency differ with none loss of quality. Whereas it could per chance per chance per chance enact this, that you must per chance per chance need the instruction handbook, a tight thought of the perfect seemingly technique to position up an equalizer, and a best seemingly quantity of persistence to safe it dazzling.

The Chord Mojo 2 with headphones and an iPhone 13 Pro.
Andy Boxall/Digital Developments

Adjustment of the low and excessive treble, and low and mid-bass are imaginable, and each has 18 steps. Enter the equalizer and press the exquisite buttons to commerce the frequencies, and the ranges are then depicted by utterly different button colours. The flinch here is or not it is miles crucial to consult the handbook when doing this to collect the frequency you’ve changed and the original payment, plus that you must per chance per chance per chance presumably like a perfect visible reminiscence, as you don’t safe a particular illustration of the ranges as a total on the tool. It’s very complicated to preserve song, and I reset it many (many) cases ahead of reasonably famous dazzling settling for the flat equalizer with a slightly extra midbass.

Have to you’re nonetheless elated to play around with the Mojo 2’s sound extra, the UHD DSP adds a inferior-feed feature to commerce the imaging. It’s much less bothersome than the frequency adjustment because there are simplest three ranges, but yet again, or not it is miles crucial to clutch into legend what the color of the button contrivance to collect the surroundings.

The Chord Mojo in its leather case.
Optionally available within the market leather-essentially essentially based case for the Chord Mojo 2 Andy Boxall/Digital Developments

One at hand feature is how the energy button reveals you the sample payment of the file that’s playing. As an example, it glows red for a easy 44Hz file, inexperienced for 96kHz, mild crimson for a 32-bit 768kHz sample payment, and white for DSD 256. The Mojo 2 just isn’t MQA-certified, which is heart-broken and would have made it nearly unbeatable when it comes to file compatibility. It’s surprising when a couple of a ways much less dear DACs provide MQA file playback.

Battery and charging

No subject a USB Kind-C connection being added for devices, it doesn’t payment the Mojo 2, and or not it is miles crucial to return to the Darkish Ages with a MicroUSB connector. Yes, you safe a cable within the field, but that’s not the purpose. I desire to payment the Mojo 2 up with the cable I employ for my smartphone, my tablet, my Kindle, and reasonably famous every utterly different tool in my possession at the original time, and not the sort of cable I’d consigned to the underside of a drawer years within the past.

The Chord Mojo 2's connections and ports.
Andy Boxall/Digital Developments

I’ve found Chord’s estimation of eight hoursof  battery lifestyles between costs to be dazzling. It’s about the identical as the distinctive Mojo, which in all fairness disappointing, but nonetheless extra than ample for added than one sessions per week. Better knowledge is the Mojo 2 doesn’t safe hot whereas you recharge it, one thing that seriously stricken the distinctive model.

Label and availability

The Chord Mojo 2 is provided to eliminate globally now. In the U.S., it costs $725, whereas within the U.Okay., it costs 449 British pounds. You’ll have to eliminate it on-line from sellers in Chord’s network, and a few could per chance per chance per chance provide the Mojo 2 through Amazon, too, so it’s rate checking.

Our grab

The Chord Mojo 2 is an extravagance, and it’s a grab exclaim that will likely consequence in shopping utterly different extravagances, as its big skill encourages you to explore out better headphones. It’s not the prettiest share of audio equipment you’ll eliminate, the battery and charging technology is mild-years within the encourage of the cellular phone it’ll likely be linked to, and you’ll will have to be reasonably experienced (and patient) to extract the most easy from the UHD DSP’s equalizer feature.

Nonetheless, these are reasonably minor ingredients whereas you deem about how famous it adds to the enjoyment of your tune. Esteem an perfect wine, the sound delivered is pure and entire-bodied, and at almost any quantity and from any source. It encourages you to clutch time to chill down and listen to to tune. Now not like Bluetooth headphones that force their approach into a lifestyles on the trek, the Mojo 2 is ready taking time faraway from all that.

It’s the sprawling, excessive-quality, multi-yell home audio machine you’ve regularly promised your self, dazzling in a small, convenient, and reasonably much less dear field.

Is there a better replace?

There are masses of DACs available within the market, with costs a substantial amount of severely. Have to you’re original to DAC/amplifiers, then initiating out with a much less dear model is likely to be in fact helpful, equivalent to the $99 Helm Dash DAC, which performed well in our most modern neighborhood take a look at, or the $330 AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt. Both can play MQA info, and neither requires charging.

How lengthy will it final?

The battery could per chance per chance per chance also very well be the most easy limiting aspect within the Mojo 2’s technical longevity, that approach that you must per chance per chance per chance presumably safely splurge and not seek knowledge from to in fact feel the necessity to upgrade for about a years. For some point of view, up till the Mojo 2 arrived, I nonetheless time and yet again historical the distinctive Mojo, which is now extra than six years broken-down. The solid aluminum casing and anodized enact will have to preserve it taking a glance best seemingly and reasonably well collect, although there’s no water resistance. You’ll have to eliminate a leather-essentially essentially based case whereas that you must per chance per chance per chance presumably like to present it that small extra protection.

In the occasion you eliminate it?

Yes. It’s not a perfect grab at all, however the identical could per chance per chance per chance moreover be acknowledged for any share of excessive-quality audio tools, and it’s as a replace outlined by the enjoyment you’ll safe from it, and how incredible it’ll have in mind your popular tune sound.

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