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‘Clueless’ Actress Brittany Murphy’s Tragic Death Exploited in Ghoulish Unusual Documentary

It changed into a sad twist of fate when actress Brittany Murphy changed into laid to rest a day sooner than Christmas in 2009. The faded baby actress, who had blossomed into Hollywood’s loved girl subsequent door with the success of Clueless, had continually said it changed into her accepted holiday.The 32-yr-feeble had died a…

‘Clueless’ Actress Brittany Murphy’s Tragic Death Exploited in Ghoulish Unusual Documentary

It changed into a sad twist of fate when actress Brittany Murphy changed into laid to rest a day sooner than Christmas in 2009. The faded baby actress, who had blossomed into Hollywood’s loved girl subsequent door with the success of Clueless, had continually said it changed into her accepted holiday.

The 32-yr-feeble had died a pair of days earlier at her Los Angeles home, the place she’d been holed up with her mysterious and controlling husband, Simon Monjack. Her motive of loss of life changed into cited as untreated pneumonia, exacerbated by Murphy being extremely anemic and underweight. And while there changed into no evidence of alcohol or illicit substance abuse, an post-mortem confirmed she had a mixture of painkillers and over-the-counter medication in her gadget.

Murphy’s loss of life prompted a media circus on the head of the aughts, when tabloids and paparazzi afraid young starlets, a time when movie star blogger Perez Hilton gleefully earlier Microsoft Paint to cruelly ridicule and mock the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Murphy.

HBO Max’s What Came about, Brittany Murphy?, a two-share documentary that premieres Thursday, tries to whisper some answers as to what would perchance delight in precipitated the bubbly and healthy actress’s health to decline so severely that one in every of the closing folks to ever work with Murphy described her taking a glance so faded that she perceived to be in distress at any time when she moved.

“Her eyes had been so sunken, and she factual looked so sad,” One thing Rotten makeup artist Trista Jordan recalled. “She wasn’t herself. She changed into in so worthy distress. She had Bambi legs and couldn’t arise.”

The movie locations the huge majority of the blame on Murphy’s 40-yr-feeble husband Monjack, an amateur British screenwriter who is described as a prolific charmer and con man, leaping from girl to girl after he’d bled their value range dry. In accordance to the documentary, Monjack managed every facet of Murphy’s life and, harboring a sick need for anorexic-taking a glance girls folks, encouraged Murphy to fall extra kilos and gather cosmetic surgery.

Finally, the documentary accuses him of refusing to let Murphy gather medical support when she desperately predominant it. And 5 months after Murphy’s loss of life, Monjack furthermore passed away, his motive of loss of life nearly linked to hers.

It’s unruffled critically of a mystery how Monjack managed to sink his hooks into Murphy. Her mates issue her being in an especially inclined speak when she met the aspiring filmmaker in 2006.

Already, Murphy had succumbed to the Hollywood machine, shedding kilos, demise her hair blond, and altering her explore after being suggested she changed into “huggable however no longer fuckable.”

Her profession perceived to be in a lull due to the a pair of lackluster initiatives, and Murphy changed into nursing a broken heart over a string of instant-lived relationships, at the side of with her 8 Mile costar Eminem and with Ashton Kutcher, moreover failed engagements to talent manager Jeff Kwatinetz and Limited Black E-book manufacturing assistant Joe Macaluso.

These components created a ideal storm for Monjack, and the 2 married a yr after their preliminary assembly. At one level, mates tried to stage an intervention for Murphy, warning both her and her mother Sharon about Monjack’s history of earlier shuffle-ins with the law and that he changed into residing in the U.S. on an expired visa. But they waved off their concerns, claiming they depended on him.

After Monjack’s loss of life, it changed into uncovered that he had drained Murphy’s checking fable of $3 million in factual three years. Murphy’s grieving mother changed into distraught when she learned the jewels that Monjack had claimed to be value tens of millions of bucks had been unsuitable, instant realizing your entire properties and shares he had claimed to thrill in invested in had been lies, too.

The documentary aspects interviews with Monjack’s defensive mother Linda and his brother James. They both admit that from an early age Monjack changed into a master manipulator, however Linda reasoned he excellent had a shift in his persona at 16 when his father died from cancer.

What Came about, Brittany Murphy? finds that Monjack had two kids, which Murphy allegedly knew nothing about. Easiest after her loss of life changed into it chanced on that Monjack had fathered a daughter and changed into funding her non-public education in England. But in a twist that even Sharon and Monjack’s faded crisis publicist Roger Neal had been blind to, Monjack had furthermore fathered a son on the side of his faded fiancée Elizabeth Ragsdale.

Talking out for the first time, Ragsdale recounted how she changed into swept off her feet by Monjack after assembly him in Paris in 1998, main her to accept his proposal soon after they began dating. But she instant learned he changed into a talented liar, explaining that one night while looking to guilt-day out her into having sex, Monjack falsely claimed to thrill in spinal cancer and to need an experimental shark fin medication in Monaco.

Their relationship ended without discover when Ragsdale changed into four months pregnant. Monjack had tickled her to fly to Unusual York so their baby would be born in the U.S., however after she landed and tried to contact him, he ghosted her. “I known as him, and he answered. I said, ‘Simon, I’ve made it to…’ and sooner than I would perchance well gather that sentence out, he hung up on me. He left me pregnant and deserted,” Ragsdale recalled by blueprint of tears, adding that she briefly regarded as committing suicide because she changed into so heartbroken.

Actress Brittany Murphy and husband Simon Monjack support the Monique Lhuillier Tumble 2008 vogue level to at some level of Mercedes-Benz Vogue Week at The Trail at Bryant Park on February 5, 2008, in Unusual York Metropolis.

Bryan Bedder/Getty

Ragsdale alleged that Monjack preferred anorexic-taking a glance girls folks and would as soon as in a while criticize her physique. She furthermore claimed he had separated her from loved ones and believes she would delight in died if a chum hadn’t intervened and made him delight in her to a sanatorium when she changed into severely sick.

The L.A. County coroner contended that Murphy being extremely underweight played a abruptly feature in her loss of life, explaining that in issue to thrill in this kind of drastic case of anemia, she hadn’t been eating. The county’s medical examiner added that Murphy’s blood count changed into dangerously low. “If she had a take a look at sooner than she died, any physician would delight in her in the ER and twisted as a lot as a transfusion,” she said.

Murphy’s isolation mirrored Ragsdale’s description of Monjack shutting out her family and mates. Rapidly after they began dating, Murphy fired her entire team, inserting an unqualified Monjack in their speak. Consequently, her profession took a predominant nosedive; Murphy began appearing in junky terror motion photos and straight-to-video motion photos. In Murphy’s closing movie, Monjack had even demanded to be her sole makeup artist.

Many spoke of how Murphy as soon as in a while perceived to be underneath the influence of some form of substance, with her speech slurred and a glazed explore in her watch. After her loss of life, investigators chanced on nearly 90 prescription capsule bottles scattered spherical her bedroom. The prescriptions had been underneath her name and a handful of aliases.

She changed into nearly fired from At some level of the Hall due to the her erratic “Jekyll and Hyde” behavior, at the side of her refusal to achieve a straightforward kissing scene attributable to her relationship with Monjack. (Director Alex Merkin purposely let Monjack overhear him whinge that Murphy changed into on the brink of being replaced, with Monjack indirectly forcing Murphy to achieve the scene.)

Monjack furthermore exerted management over Murphy’s personal life, with faded co-stars and directors recalling how she didn’t appear to thrill in a telephone and the formula to contact her changed into by blueprint of Monjack.

Monjack furthermore exerted management over Murphy’s personal life, with faded co-stars and directors recalling how she didn’t appear to thrill in a telephone and the formula to contact her changed into by blueprint of Monjack.

Isolated from her mates, Murphy spent most of her time hunkered down in her unkempt L.A. home with Monjack, the place Sharon furthermore lived. The couple would no longer frequently sleep, allegedly taking downers for the length of the night sooner than taking uppers at some level of the day to stave off exhaustion. The documentary alleges that at some level of these all-nighters, Monjack and Murphy would stage extraordinary photoshoots, the place Murphy would pose with bondage-model masks over her face.

Following Murphy’s loss of life, Monjack did limited to ease the hypothesis surrounding him, selecting to pose with Sharon in a photoshoot that made it appear as despite the indisputable truth that they had been enthusiasts, somewhat than a grief-stricken mother and her son-in-law. Making issues worse, they overtly admitted to sleeping in the same mattress, claiming they had been comforting every other.

A subsequent interview with Larry King furthermore grew to vary into a catastrophe, as Monjack tried to issue his reasoning for no longer wanting an post-mortem carried out on Murphy while a loopy Sharon sputtered incoherently. “There changed into this girl who factual misplaced her daughter,” he said, relating to Sharon. “It changed into this kind of shock. This pristine physique that is curvy to your entire merely locations, skin love silk. How would perchance well I say in front of her mother, ‘Lower her up?’”

While What Came about, Brittany Murphy? makes an attempt to answer to its comprise query, it falls instant, with the paunchy truth of what occurred resting fully with Murphy and Monjack.

If something else, it stresses how she changed into horribly mistreated and overlooked, both then and now. These closest to her had been unable to space the articulate-tale signs of capability home abuse, and folks that would perchance well had been unable to pry her from Monjack’s tight grip.

Actress Brittany Murphy looks at some level of the In Memoriam on the 16th Annual Camouflage Actors Guild Awards held on the Shrine Auditorium on January 23, 2010, in Los Angeles, California.

Kevin Iciness/Getty

Consequently, Murphy changed into exploited by the actual person she depended on potentially the most: her husband. And the documentary is frequently responsible of exploitation as successfully.

The gap scene plays the heartbreaking 911 call the place Murphy’s mother lets out a guttural bawl as Monjack tries to construct CPR on Murphy’s unimaginative physique. Barely has the viewer had the chance to gather better sooner than Sylvan Esso’s synth-y pop track “Die Younger” blares over the title sequence while photos of a young Murphy flash all the blueprint in which by blueprint of the cloak.

The filmmakers selectively sprinkle in clips of Murphy from her varied motion photos to wait on as a originate of irregular first-particular person commentary. When interviewees are speculating about Murphy’s drug and prescription capsule spend, Murphy is confirmed as her persona Daisy in Girl, Interrupted announcing, “Factual give me the fucking Valium.”

In one in every of the closing scenes of the documentary, random YouTube vloggers are given cloak time to spout off their false theories about whether or no longer or no longer Murphy’s post-mortem changed into solid, if she changed into intentionally poisoned, or if any individual changed into bribed to duvet up the true fact. The movie cuts to a clip of Murphy in The Prophecy II the place she shoots herself in the chest with a gun. “Please can’t you factual let me die?” she pleads.

There’s no denying that there wants to be some originate of public acknowledgement over how Murphy changed into wrongfully frolicked to dry by the public and the media. At some level of a time when she desperately predominant support, she changed into earlier as a low-value punchline on Saturday Evening Are residing and mocked by Howard Stern, who referred to her as fat and hideous, and made coarse comments about her past relationships to her then-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.

The realm has been forced to re-glimpse its medication of Spears, Hilton and Lohan—and Murphy deserves the same level of compassion. Easiest for her, this may per chance likely approach some distance too tiring.


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