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Dying Gentle 2 PC efficiency and essentially the most attention-grabbing settings to spend

Dying Gentle 2 is out and hoo boy, is it a now not easy nut to crack. No longer in the hours to completion sense, or even wretchedness most frequently – Matthew’s review discovered a somewhat unthreatening strain of undead – but in how now not easy it’s to procure running smoothly on PC. That…

Dying Gentle 2 PC efficiency and essentially the most attention-grabbing settings to spend

Dying Gentle 2 is out and hoo boy, is it a now not easy nut to crack. No longer in the hours to completion sense, or even wretchedness most frequently – Matthew’s review discovered a somewhat unthreatening strain of undead – but in how now not easy it’s to procure running smoothly on PC. That goes double ought to you is also making an try to dolly up this post-apocalypse with some vivid ray tracing aspects, so even ought to you’ve got a rig that can plug by most games, I’d counsel reading on for a e book to Dying Gentle 2’s most efficient settings.

That stated, ought to you is also indeed eyeing this on originate day, your most efficient course of lag would possibly perchance very successfully be to… wait a minute? Developers Techland hang already confirmed a “day one” patch for consoles containing over 1,000 worm fixes, and these form of points hang positively discovered their plan into the PC model too. I used to be it looks that lucky enough to dodge any set up file corruption or growth-blocking bugs, but hang encountered lacking sounds and fuzzier-than-expected DLSS, both of which were identified for early fixes.

Overall efficiency would possibly perchance also attain with one more optimisation scamper, or six. Hope you’ve got one of the most efficient graphics cards, on story of even on increased-cease hardware, Dying Gentle 2 asks rather quite loads of your PC. 60fps will be extra of a life like procedure than 144fps, critically at 1440p resolution and above, so seek info from to blueprint some quality concessions even after Techland’s patching efforts.

A conversation with a quest-giving trader in Dying Light 2.

Dying Gentle 2 PC requirements and efficiency

Dying Gentle 2 minimal PC specs (ray tracing off, 1080p, 30fps):

  • CPU – Intel Core i3-9100 / AMD Ryzen 3 2300X
  • RAM – 8GB
  • GPU – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / AMD Radeon RX 560
  • OS – Dwelling windows 7 or later
  • Storage – 60GB HDD

Dying Gentle 2 quick PC specs (ray tracing off, 1080p, 60fps)

  • CPU – Intel Core i5-8600K / AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
  • RAM – 16GB
  • GPU – Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 / AMD Radeon RX Vega 56
  • OS – Dwelling windows 10 or later
  • Storage – 60GB SSD

Dying Gentle 2 minimal ray tracing PC specs (1080p, 30fps)

  • CPU – Intel Core i5-8600K / AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
  • RAM – 16GB
  • GPU – Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070
  • OS – Dwelling windows 10 or later
  • Storage situation – 60GB SSD

Dying Gentle 2 quick ray tracing PC specs (1080p 60fps)

  • CPU – Intel Core i5-8600K or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • RAM – 16 GB
  • GPU – Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
  • OS – Dwelling windows 10 or later
  • Storage – 60GB SDD

a recreation is a PC-melter when it suggests the mighty RTX 3080 will be ready to cobble collectively 60fps at 1080p, ray tracing or no. And even when some games can cease up with overly cautious diagram requirements, in Dying Gentle 2’s case you truly shouldn’t scurry below the prescribed amount of horsepower. I tried a GTX 1050 Ti with Low settings at 1080p, as per the minimal spec, and even when paired with a faster Intel Core i5-11600K CPU it most attention-grabbing averaged 29fps in a benchmark toddle by the originate world.

Next out of my GPU pile used to be a GTX 1080 (no RTX 2060s in there, sadly), and while here’s broadly on par with the quick non-RT spec, it fell a minute making an try the magic number with 53fps at 1080p. This jumped to 74fps with aid from FidelityFX Mountainous Risk (FSR), AMD’s extra broadly supported model of DLSS, but upscaled 1080p is appropriate too blurry to endure.

Ah, yes, upscaling. Dying Gentle has three kinds – DLSS, FSR and its possess linear upscaler – and even with its rapidly-to-be-patched lack of sharpness, DLSS is without wretchedness essentially the most attention-grabbing of them. It’s a downright necessity when ray tracing is in play, too, even when some settings mixtures will live out of reach for all but the likes of the RTX 3090. Sadly, even ought to you possess one of essentially the most attention-grabbing 4K gaming monitors, dropping to 1440p would possibly perchance perchance attend you better: with my strange RTX 3070 reduction in the test PC, making an try to toddle maxed-out settings at 4K most attention-grabbing got me 32fps on realistic. And that used to be with DLSS – without it, the most frequently 4K-friendly RTX 3070 merely obtained’t be ready to take care of such settings.

A character hangs precariously by one hand from a high vantage point above the city in Dying Light 2.

Dying Gentle 2 most efficient PC settings e book

To its credit, Dying Gentle 2 takes a smooth technique to its most annoying ray tracing adornments. As successfully as to the Low, Medium and High presets, there are an additional two ranges named Raytracing (no situation, the hooligans) and High Quality Raytracing. So ought to you lack a smartly suited RTX graphics card, it’s easy enough to select one of the three presets with no ray tracing whatsoever.

It’s worth noting that Dying Gentle 2 goes in appealing on ray tracing, on a stage now not frequently ever considered originate air of games indulge in Metro Exodus and Administration. Having all things RT enabled will tremendously reduction the quality of reflections and lighting fixtures effects, even with the occasional sinful; you can have in the comparison photography below, for instance, that shadows from essentially the most distant building’s balconies and roof hang a shorter plot distance than favorite shadows. Ray traced effects invariably uncover about better up end, strategies – test out the extra believably darkened bus interior, or how the clumps of overgrown grass truly solid shadows the least bit.

A Dying Light 2 screenshot showing the High Quality Raytracing graphics quality preset.
2560×1440, no upscaling, High Quality Raytracing

A Dying Light 2 screenshot showing the Raytracing graphics quality preset.
2560×1440, no upscaling, Raytracing

A Dying Light 2 screenshot showing the High graphics quality preset.
2560×1440, no upscaling, High

A Dying Light 2 screenshot showing the Medium graphics quality preset.
2560×1440, no upscaling, Medium

A Dying Light 2 screenshot showing the Low graphics quality preset.
2560×1440, no upscaling, Low

You furthermore mght procure a very granular stage of reduction watch over over which state ray traced effects to take hang of. You would perchance perchance enable or disable ray traced shadows, worldwide illumination, reflections, and ambient occlusion personally, now not to demonstrate the handful of rather quite loads of customisable settings.

To receive that are essentially the most attention-grabbing settings to crank up and which to tone down, I stuck with my RTX 3070 / Core i5-11600K rig and tested all of them at 1440p. Right here’s what you can tweak:


As above, these differ from Low to High Quality Raytracing, the latter being the chunky works. Weirdly, the second-highest Raytracing preset dials in a mixture Medium and High settings, even when it calm finally ends up between High and High Quality Raytracing on frames-per-second efficiency.

Speaking of, my testing setup averaged a mere 36fps on Very High Raytracing; that’s without DLSS or any assorted upscaling. The Raytracing preset used to be 25% faster, High used to be a chunky 100% faster (!), Medium used to be 131% faster and Low used to be 172% faster.

Upscaler mode: Will hang to you hang it to your energy to spend DLSS, spend DLSS. Luxuriate in the assorted readily accessible alternatives, FSR and Linear, this boosts efficiency by upscaling a lower-res represent, in possibility to the recreation merely rendering at native resolution. The ‘Quality’ DLSS possibility netted me a straightforward 58% extra frames per second when the usage of the High Quality Raytracing preset, and while its pre-patch implementation isn’t rather as interesting as native 1440p or 4K, it seems a damn glance cleaner than FSR and linear upscaling.

Renderer Mode: This helps you to swap between DirectX 11, DirectX 12, and DirectX Final rendering. You’ll constantly want DX12 Final to enable ray tracing; the truth is, scurry ahead and swap to DX12 on the least. I re-ran my High preset benchmark after switching from the DX11 default, and got 5% faster efficiency total.

Asynchronous Compute: When running in DirectX 12 (which, again, you wants to be) you can enable this setting, which most frequently optimises how your PC processes graphics info. Deactivating it lop my efficiency on the excellent preset by a couple of frames per second, so there’s no reason to manually turn it off.

Antialiasing Quality: This gets overridden by DLSS ought to you’re the usage of it, but otherwise you can swap between High and Low quality AA. It doesn’t appear to blueprint a distinction to efficiency, surprisingly, so leave this one on High.

Motion Blur Quality: Turning this off obtained’t reduction efficiency the least bit, but does procure rid of the somewhat overbearing blur that includes both the Low and High settings.

Particles Quality: This impacts the ingredient in rain and dirt effects. I dropped it from its highest setting to its lowest and didn’t have any efficiency produce the least bit, so leave it up.

Solar Shadows Quality: The first of the ray tracing alternatives, here’s a straightforward toggle between ray traced gentle shadows and further strong-making an try (but calm dynamic and life like) PCF shadows. Switching to PCF when otherwise the usage of Very High Raytracing’s settings saw an 8% efficiency enhance on my PC.

A Dying Light 2 screenshot showing all ray tracing effects turned on.
Review Very High Raytracing (above) with the High preset (below). With out ray tracing, the van’s interior is oddly gleaming and your complete scene has a muddier, filtered uncover about. Ray tracing makes all lighting fixtures extra convincing, while glass reflections are a ways extra detailed and appropriate – albeit at a steep efficiency price.

A Dying Light 2 screenshot, showing an abandoned street with no ray tracing effects.

Ambient Occlusion Quality: Will hang to you’re now not the usage of ray tracing, the Low setting is ready 2% faster than High with no large hit to constancy. With ray traced AO, you procure usually nicer-making an try, extra realistically-behaving shadows in minute areas, so it’s worth leaving on if your GPU can take care of it.

World Illumination Quality: This covers a host of outside lighting fixtures effects, that are consistently altering on story of the recreation’s day/night cycle. Curiously, the usage of the ray traced possibility for this can admire the frame fee if it’s essentially the most attention-grabbing RT setting in spend, but when it customised the Very High Raytracing preset by dropping this single setting to High or Low, it didn’t reduction efficiency the least bit. Irregular!

Reflections Quality: One more setting that makes an infinite distinction with ray tracing. That stated, it’s also one you ought to take into story decreasing to delicate out efficiency; dropping from ray traced reflections to the non-RT High setting improved efficiency by 11%, and the Low setting by 17%.

Raytraced Flashlight: That is the least spectacular of the ray tracing alternatives, as while it does very a minute bit reduction the sunshine-bouncing attain of your exact torch, it’s now not a smartly suited shadow-casting attain. On the other hand, turning it off most attention-grabbing bagged an further 3% to efficiency.

Fog Quality: No ray tracing here, and dropping from High to Low is a tight 6% efficiency booster.

Will hang to you’ve been reading this on a PC with a GTX 10 sequence card, cursing me to belt it regarding the ray tracing stuff, then understand it’s calm that you would perchance have give Dying Gentle 2’s efficiency a shot in the arm the usage of favorite settings. For the reason that Medium preset doesn’t uncover about worthy worse than excessive to originate up with, I’d counsel starting up there ought to you’re on low-cease or older hardware. Then, blueprint the next changes, which got me a 17% enchancment on the Medium preset as is:

  • Renderer Mode – D3D11
  • Contact Shadows Quality – Low
  • Ambient Occlusion Quality – Low
  • Reflections Quality – Low
  • Fog Quality – Low

Don’t neglect DLSS too, if your card helps it, and stick with its Quality setting.

Searching for to graceful-tune settings for ray tracing is altogether extra now not easy. The Raytracing preset can and can toddle worthy faster than Very High Tracing, but in omitting ray traced contact shadows, reflections, and worldwide illumination, it feels indulge in a worthy harsher downgrade than, deliver, dropping from High to Medium. Ray traced reflections in state are appealing to forestall once you have them in lag. And while you can pick and consume, I didn’t have worthy of an enchancment when most attention-grabbing turning down the ambient occlusion and worldwide illumination settings personally.

Even so, I will’t counsel a maxed-out preset that most attention-grabbing runs decently on one or two top-cease graphics cards. You would perchance perchance spend it as a starting up level, but on the least try and eke out a couple of extra frames by decreasing Fog Quality, and DLSS is a must. If that’s calm now not enough, chunk the bullet and tumble Reflections Quality to High.


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