Honest a week to head sooner than Elden Ring’s Network Test, Bandai Namco and Fromsoftware launched a prime gameplay preview for Elden Ring. The Elden Ring Gameplay Preview included all recent footage of Godrick the Golden, ruler of Stormveil. Footage of the Limgrave Field used to be additionally published, with NPCs relish Alexander the Iron Fist, Melina, and Rogier proven. With so mighty proven, Dave Klein (DaveControl breaks down the Elden Ring Gameplay Preview.

Dave Klein

While the Elden Ring Gameplay Preview used to be stuffed with footage of the Limgrave Field and Stormveil Castle, we additionally saw many mechanics indirectly proven. The Open World of Elden Ring used to be extra explained, we got a peek into Elden Ring’s Blueprint and the scheme in which that would possibly maybe presumably well well work, as properly as a peek at an Elden Ring dungeon and legacy dungeon. Elden Ring Co-Op used to be additionally indirectly proven, and Elden Ring PvP used to be confirmed.