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‘Hallelujah’ Film Review: Doc Explores Leonard Cohen’s Legacy Thru That One Song

This overview of “Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Tear, A Song” first appeared when the movie premiered at the Venice Film Competition in 2021. Cherish the blind males of lore groping to admire an elephant by specializing in a tail or a tusk or an ear, filmmakers indulge in tended to strategy the late singer, songwriter,…

‘Hallelujah’ Film Review: Doc Explores Leonard Cohen’s Legacy Thru That One Song

This overview of “Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Tear, A Song” first appeared when the movie premiered at the Venice Film Competition in 2021.

Cherish the blind males of lore groping to admire an elephant by specializing in a tail or a tusk or an ear, filmmakers indulge in tended to strategy the late singer, songwriter, poet and novelist Leonard Cohen in bits and objects. Lian Lunson checked out his profession thru the lens of a 2005 tribute dwell efficiency in “Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man,” Tony Palmer’s “Leonard Cohen: Bird on a Wire” modified into an extended-misplaced story of a single European tour in 1972 and Reduce Broomfield’s “Marianne & Leonard: Phrases of Worship” is as grand about Broomfield’s hold relationship with one in all Cohen’s muses, Marianne Ihlen.   

And now there’s Daniel Geller and Dayna Goldfine’s “Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Tear, a Song.” It purports to be about a single Cohen tune – the single Cohen tune within the eyes of the loads, I enlighten – though it ends up encompassing a long way bigger than that.  

The tune, without a doubt, is “Hallelujah,” a 1984 meditation that strikes with ineffable grace and ought to also be read as an uplifting hymn to the spirit, a wry paean to the flesh or a combination thereof. It’s a bottomless tune that begins with the lofty and reputedly reverent proclamation, “Now I’ve heard there modified into a secret chord that David performed and it glad the Lord” after which punctures it with an rapid punchline: “Nonetheless you don’t essentially like music, scheme ya?”

Written by Cohen all the very best blueprint thru a rough stretch in his profession, then transformed by John Cale, who had fetch admission to to the 100-plus unused verses Cohen had written for the tune, “Hallelujah” is robotically and solemnly trotted out at huge events and on televised singing contests; it’s thornier and funnier than most of these renditions let on, but it has survived and prospered perchance attributable to it’s so straightforward to underestimate.

“Hallelujah” the movie, though, is here no longer to underestimate “Hallelujah” the tune, but to indulge in interaction pleasure in it, to detect it and to make spend of it as a jumping-off model detect Leonard Cohen himself. Extra so than the 2012 book that inspired it, Alan Light’s “The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley and the No longer doubtless Ascent of ‘Hallelujah,’” it looks effectively beyond the tune to the man who wrote it, which makes it both less centered and never more repetitive.

If truth be told, the first hour of “Hallelujah” isn’t grand about “Hallelujah.” After some dwell efficiency footage from 2013 and the tune’s authentic music video from the 1980s (how younger and callow Cohen looks, even supposing he modified into in his 50s at the time!), the movie sinks into history – how Cohen, a Canadian poet and novelist, become to writing and (reluctantly) singing songs within the late 1960s.

The early stretches on the total is a miniature bit scattershot, but they furthermore offer rich tiny print, as in a series about Cohen’s Judaism enviornment to the horrified “Who By Fireside,” a itemizing of suggestions to die inspired by a 13th-century poem aged within the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur liturgies.

The movie specializes in some albums (“Songs From a Room,” “Unusual Pores and skin for the Used Ceremony”) and skips over others (“Songs of Worship and Despise,” “Present Songs”), after which finds its key moment at the starting of its 2d half, when Cohen recordsdata the fundamental “Varied Positions” album but has it rejected by Columbia Records chief Walter Yetnikoff, who died in August of this year. The album contained no longer perfect “Hallelujah” but furthermore “Dance Me to the Reside of Worship,” which opened virtually each and each body of Cohen’s concert events for the leisure of his life, and “If It Be Your Will,” a prayer each and each bit the equal of “Hallelujah” – but Yetnikoff said no, so it ended up being released first in Europe, then on a tiny indie tag within the U.S.

And “Hallelujah,” which emerged after years of writing and an estimated 150 assorted verses, didn’t engage on a lifetime of its hold until John Cale recorded it for a Cohen tribute album in 1991. Cale requested to appear the verses Cohen didn’t spend and created a contemporary version of the tune; he aged Cohen’s first two verses after which modified the distinctive represent’s ideal two verses with three others he indicate within the notebooks. “I did the cheeky verses,” says Cale, more entirely happy singing about intercourse than religion.

(For the total discuss of these a complete bunch of verses, virtually each and each assorted recording of the tune has aged some combination of Cohen’s four authentic verses and Cale’s three additions; we peek among the others in notes which will almost definitely be proven on masks, but they haven’t been recorded.)

Cale’s version appears to be a leap forward for “Hallelujah” principally attributable to Jeff Buckley incorporated his hold engage of it on his “Grace” album in 1994, which brought the tune to a utterly contemporary target market. And after Buckley – and a subsequent spend in “Shrek,” of all locations – the floodgates opened, for steady and for unfriendly.

While the steady involves k.d. lang’s majestic rendition that ends the movie, a montage of versions from diverse singing competitions is provoking ample that you model why Cohen himself as soon as half-heartedly known as for a moratorium on performances.

The movie doesn’t flip steady into a story of who performed “Hallelujah,” which modified into the weakest section of Light’s book; instead, it veers help into biographical territory, following Cohen’s resurgence with the “I’m Your Man” album, his years in a Zen retreat on Southern California’s Mt. Baldy, the loss of virtually all his money by the hands of a hooked enterprise supervisor and his subsequent triumphant return to the avenue, where his outstanding concert events had been considered by enraptured audiences across the field.

The outcome is an affectionate and originate-hearted tribute to Cohen and his work, with an emphasis on the one tune that might possibly well also merely trap within the occasional uninitiated viewer. The tune “Hallelujah” will almost definitely be the strategy into Cohen’s world, but that world is a long way richer and more singular than any one tune, and the filmmakers are taking a look for the massive tell here.

Does the movie existing “Hallelujah?” Clearly no longer – the tune stubbornly resists explanation, attributable to it’s so many assorted things and attributable to there’s an even looking thriller at its heart. “Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Tear, A Song” is ravishing ample to comprise that thriller and that beauty, and to know that there’s a long way more to Cohen than can even be summed up in four, or seven, or even 150 verses.   

“Hallelujah” opens Friday in U.S. theaters.  


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