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Hollywood Both Fully Nails Or Misses The Impress When It Comes To LGBTQ Representation In TV And Movie

“Intercourse Education does a correct job handling sexuality and gender. It is extraordinarily entrance and heart, and or now now not it’s the principle bid I’ve ever considered that contains both pan and ace representation.” No longer too long within the past, it turn into once announced that Warner Bros. Photographs cut out crucial dialogue…

Hollywood Both Fully Nails Or Misses The Impress When It Comes To LGBTQ Representation In TV And Movie

Intercourse Education does a correct job handling sexuality and gender. It is extraordinarily entrance and heart, and or now now not it’s the principle bid I’ve ever considered that contains both pan and ace representation.”

No longer too long within the past, it turn into once announced that Warner Bros. Photographs cut out crucial dialogue in Improbable Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore that confirmed Jude Regulations’s personality — young Albus Dumbledore — turn into once homosexual.

Warner Bros. Photographs / Courtesy of Everett Assortment

The two lines hang been removed in all movie theaters in China, which has clearly sparked a form of reactions from fans and the LGBTQ crew. Representation in TV and film matters, and seeing this extra or less aspect occurring in 2022 is gorgeous disheartening.


So we asked the BuzzFeed Community to bid us which LGBTQ characters from TV and film hang been portrayed in an correct gentle, and which characters hang been portrayed in a dismissive gentle. Right here’s what they needed to speak:

Warning: Seemingly TV/movie spoilers forward! 🚨

Uncover: No longer all submissions are from Community customers.

Uncover: There is now now not “one” conventional portrayal of any individual that identifies as LGBTQ — the spectrum is monumental. This publish analyzes LGBTQ stereotypes vs. practical traits and experiences.


An LGBTQ personality written horribly: Castiel from Supernatural (2005–2020)

The CW

“12 years of peculiar-coding finest to die 5 minutes after popping out. Castiel’s confession turn into once speculated to encapsulate his gorgeous happiness, pronouncing that ‘extraordinary of us are overjoyed after they near out.’ He turn into once furthermore barely talked about after he died 😐.”



An LGBTQ personality written beautifully: Slash from Heartstopper (2022)


“Truthfully, everyone from Heartstopper turn into once written beautifully, nevertheless I will be in contact finest to bisexual narratives, and Slash turn into once ready to head on that plug without being hindered by the ‘you are gorgeous homosexual and pretending to be bi’ yarn. It turn into once of route refreshing to acknowledge a young person be ready to receive and settle for himself via a relationship with one other man without needing to erase the phase of himself that is furthermore in females. He made errors in his plug and owned every single one in every of them, even whereas being so at a loss for phrases about who he turn into once. This turn into once an ultimate depiction of a young person finding out themselves via extraordinary *pleasurein preference to trauma, and it turn into once most attention-grabbing.”

“Also, feeling bi terror whereas looking out at Pirates of the Caribbean? Incredibly relatable.”



An LGBTQ personality written horribly: Maya from Honest Dinky Liars (2010–2017)


“Emily and Maya from Honest Dinky Liars hang been one in every of the principle representations of a WLW relationship I ever saw as a closeted extraordinary kid. Their relationship itself turn into once superior representation, nevertheless then they killed Maya in a fundamental ‘bury your gays’ kind.”



An LGBTQ personality written beautifully: Leighton from The Intercourse Lives of College Girls (2021–existing)


“I like Leighton because she’s the form of stable personality who is conscious of her charge. She’s so obvious to now now not be defined by one aspect, which makes her plug so attention-grabbing and charge rooting for. I even teared up when she got here out to Kimberly on the bid — it turn into once the form of sturdy moment that feels extra practical and right to extraordinary of us in 2022.”

Lauren Garafano 


An LGBTQ personality written horribly: Celie Harris from The Colour Red (1985)

Warner Bros. Photographs

“Celie from the film adaptation of The Colour Red. The fundamental personality in Alice Walker’s 1982 Pulitzer Prize–a success contemporary turn into once in conserving with Walker’s grandmother who followed a lifetime of abuse and ‘turn into once now now not attracted to men.’ Director Steven Spielberg turn into once criticized for very a lot firming down Celie’s fancy affair with her abusive husband’s mistress within the 1985 film adaptation. By his delight in admission, Spielberg ‘took something that turn into once extraordinarily erotic and very intentional, and reduced it to a straightforward kiss.'”

“In the identical interview, Spielberg said that he wouldn’t commerce this if he hang been to remake the film as of late.”

Mary Colussi


An LGBTQ personality written beautifully: Chiron from Moonlight (2016)


“Chiron from Moonlight has to be one in every of the most attention-grabbing depictions I’ve ever considered as an odd personality. Right here we had a Dark, extraordinary man dwelling within the South, discovering and defining for himself what manhood supposed. Despite the indisputable truth that his avenue turn into once tough, he restful stood up for himself — frequently instances we now hang considered Dark extraordinary characters being portrayed as ‘overly feminine,’ and Chiron reminded us that queerness doesn’t hang gorgeous one behold.”



An LGBTQ personality written horribly: Charlie from Legends of Tomorrow (2016–2022)

The CW

“She turn into once performed fully rude — wasn’t she speculated to be gender fluid? The bid finest ever passe she/her pronouns for them, and or now now not it’s shitty thinking about most gender fluid of us utilize loads of or altering pronouns. Also, the truth that Charlie turn into once pansexual and had this ambiguous relationship with Zari that even the actors wished to occur turn into once ridiculous. When Behrad confirmed up (who they referred to because the ‘male model’ of Zari in his very first episode) they had Charlie hook up with him IMMEDIATELY, which played into that ‘if one in every of them hang been a person’ trope, I narrate.”



An LGBTQ personality written beautifully: Steal Brooks from High Constancy (2020)


Steal’s relationship with Kat turn into once illustrated gorgeous like all of her other relationships with men — there wasn’t a tragic or humongous popping out storyline. Kat turn into once one other ex on Steal’s high-5 heartbreak checklist, and it turn into once gorgeous as annoying to behold Kat wreck the relationship like some of Steal’s male exes did. She wasn’t entirely defined by her sexuality, which turn into once a relief to behold — Kat turn into once a natural phase of her story, and the design in which she impacted her relationship with song.


An LGBTQ personality written horribly: Piper from Orange Is the Unique Dark (2013–2019)


“She acknowledged as bisexual, nevertheless the bid refused to acknowledge it. She both needed to be straight or homosexual, and they wouldn’t let her be bisexual even supposing she had romantic relationships with both men and females. Bi-erasure so unpleasant!”



LGBTQ characters written beautifully: Each extraordinary personality from Intercourse Education (2019–existing)


“All of the LGBTQ characters from Intercourse Education needs to be listed here beneath ‘characters performed correct.’ This bid does the form of correct job handling the matters of sexuality and gender, and now now not in an ‘oh yeah, here is extra or less here’ methodology. It is extraordinarily entrance and heart, and or now now not it’s the principle bid I’ve ever considered that contains both pan and ace representation.”

—Phoenix BK, Facebook

“Performed correct: Florence from Intercourse Education — asexual representation is so uncommon, and that one single scene when Florence is talking to Jean about feeling broken turn into once something that the majority ace teens may perhaps presumably uncover to. Jean’s response turn into once something these self same ace teens need they had heard at that age, too — it turn into once fast, nevertheless practical and meaningful, and I will now now not display how validating it felt to behold (even as an grownup).”



Two LGBTQ characters written horribly: Daniela and Carla from In the Heights (2021)

Warner Bros. Photographs

“Daniela and Carla from In the Heights hang been performed so rude — I didn’t even know they hang been a pair unless any person told me. All the design in which via my 2d viewing, obvious, whilst you’re of route looking out out for it, they’re a pair. Don’t regain me rude, I cherished that there weren’t any anti-homosexual storylines, nevertheless I opt field when LGBTQ characters and relationships are ONLY within the background (thinking about straight characters and relationships are both within the spotlight and within the background). Stephanie Beatriz turn into once restful a queen, though.”



An LGBTQ personality written beautifully: Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn 9-9 (2013–2021)


“I like how Rosa’s sexuality turn into once handled. The scene when everyone went over to her accumulate 22 situation for game evening and Holt said to her, ‘Every time any person steps up and says who they’re, the sphere turns accurate into a greater, extra attention-grabbing accumulate 22 situation — thank you’ turn into once in actual fact BEAUTIFUL!”


“Rosa confirmed practical struggles whereas restful conserving a silly and sure mood for the bid — her personality turn into once fully performed correct.”



An LGBTQ personality written horribly: Adam Torres from Degrassi: The Subsequent Generation (2001–2015)


“To an extent, I delight in they screwed up a shrimp with Adam from Degrassi — it turn into once groundbreaking for its time, nevertheless looking out inspire, they did him extra or less soiled. They did now not give him a correct binder, he did now not hang worthy of a yarn arc moreover being forcefully outed and his oldsters now now not accepting him, and he obtained killed in a automotive accident. In my behold, his personality felt uncover it irresistible turn into once written for cis audiences.”


Degrassi: Subsequent Class turn into once furthermore unpleasant when it got here to Tristan and Miles’ relationship, mostly because Tristan sucked as a personality and he did now not settle for Miles being bisexual. Their characters and relationship hang been toxic overall.”

Kelly Martinez


An LGBTQ personality written beautifully: Robin from Stranger Things (2016–existing)


“They chose the suitable time within the story to uncover it without needing Robin explicitly bid ‘I like girls.’ The dual carriageway the put she says ‘I wanted her to behold at me’ did an extraordinarily correct job at encapsulating what it seems like for an odd person to hang a crush on a straight person. Having Steve now now not be like, ‘I delight in or now now not it is so cool you are homosexual!’ and even hang him be nonetheless and listen to her turn into once very cool to acknowledge.”



An LGBTQ personality written horribly: Damian from Mean Girls (2004)

Paramount Photographs

“Damian from Mean Girls turn into once performed rude — yes, I do know he is a fan favourite, nevertheless I dislike how they made ‘homosexual finest friend’ his major personality trait. In the story, he turn into once gorgeous there to add comedic relief and invent Cady’s existence extra ‘fabulous’ — he deserved his delight in complexities.”



An LGBTQ personality written beautifully: Micah Lee from The L Observe: Generation Q (2019–existing)


“I’ve incessantly cherished Micah’s personality and what he is represented as an Asian transgender man, nevertheless my fancy for him skyrocketed in Season 2 as he redefined his sexual id. He started the sequence as an overtly homosexual man, nevertheless Season 2 saw him originate to make emotions for his friend’s sister. While he did date females pre-transition, he grappled alongside with his emotions against a girl after popping out as a homosexual man. It turn into once most attention-grabbing to behold him settle for this phase of himself — sexuality is a spectrum, now now not a field we may perhaps also restful assign ourselves in.”

Kayla Harrington


Two LGBTQ characters written horribly: Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003)

The WB

“Willow and Tara’s total relationship turn into once gorgeous written poorly. First off, killing Tara like that turn into once fully unacceptable and unnecessary — the total ‘bury your gays’ moments hang been unpleasant, and Tara turn into once gorgeous one other example of that. And the pure bisexual erasure of Willow in terms of her romance with Oz.felt like obscuring bisexuality as a full. Her romance with Oz.felt as visceral and right as her relationship with Tara did, and it may perhaps hang been a terribly ultimate step for bisexuality as a full…nevertheless it wasn’t.”


“Willow turn into once attracted to and in fancy with loads of men over the principle few seasons, had a wholesome intercourse existence with them, after which without warning was a lesbian, to the point the put she later expressed that men repulsed her and he or she may perhaps presumably finest be with females. I cherished the lesbian representation, and I do know for its time it turn into once groundbreaking, nevertheless they did young bisexuals attempting to opt themselves out so soiled. That’s now now not even to bid the ‘bury your gays’ field within the bid.”



An LGBTQ personality written beautifully: Ryan Wilder/Batwoman from Batwoman (2019–2022)

The CW

“The CW gorgeous did LGBTQ representation soiled by canceling Batwoman, which had a Dark lesbian superhero as its lead the previous two seasons in Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder.”



Two LGBTQ characters written horribly: Blaine Anderson and Brittany Pierce from Glee (2009–2015)


“We all know that Glee featured some in particular anti-bisexual storylines — Kurt turn into once an asshole to Blaine when he turn into once questioning his sexuality. Brittany turn into once bi and it freaked Santana out — that bid did some improbable issues for his or her homosexual, lesbian, and trans audiences, nevertheless they did now not respect and depict bisexuality (which turn into once of route disappointing).”



An LGBTQ personality written beautifully: Aki Menzies from Gossip Lady (2021–existing)


“While the bid has a tonnnnn of disorders, one storyline they’ve performed in particular well is Aki discovering his sexuality and popping out. It is unhappy to speak, nevertheless oldsters day out their teens for his or her delight in develop is something that occurs frequently — nevertheless, I like that he stood up for himself against his father and his finest friend being anti-homosexual. It is certainly a brighter moment in an otherwise MESSY bid.”

Kayla Harrington


Two LGBTQ characters written horribly: Idgie and Ruth from Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

Universal Photographs

“I grew up loving Fried Green Tomatoes, nevertheless never knew it turn into once in conserving with a book. I turn into once so infected when I at final learn it and discovered out I had been robbed of a WLW relationship — I felt uncover it irresistible turn into once obvious within the movie that Idgie cherished Ruth, nevertheless it will hang been good to take into accout the truth that the sensation turn into once of route communicated in a transparent methodology.”


“The aspect that REALLY stricken me about Fried Green Tomatoes turn into once that the girls hang been in conserving with right of us — so, it felt disrespectful to write out their romantic relationship entirely.”

—Shelby Janice Kroah, Facebook

“The meals fight scene in Fried Green Tomatoes turn into once a metaphor for intercourse. Ruth’s son turn into once, as within the book, given the surname Threadgoode. The motive they didn’t acknowledge it within the movie turn into once executive meddling — Ruth and Idgie hang been gorgeous as in fancy with one one more within the movie as they hang been within the book.”



Two LGBTQ characters written beautifully: Wil and Vivian from Saving Face (2004)

Sony Photographs Classics

“I delight in Saving Face did an unparalleled job of navigating the complexity of being out nevertheless now now not accredited, and yet restful feeling dedicated to your family. The put of dwelling round Ma wasn’t something you’re going to generally seek data from to acknowledge in a movie, and helped explore one other aspect of ‘forbidden’ fancy.”



An LGBTQ personality written horribly: Hope Mikaelson from Legacies (2018–existing)

The CW

“Hope’s been written horribly on Legacies because they never enable her to explore her sexuality beyond one-liners, even supposing the actor who plays her confirmed she’s bisexual. They’ve furthermore performed Josie soiled, too — they finest give her relationships which will almost definitely be rushed with fully no kind, and her fancy pursuits are incessantly written off the bid.”

Kelly Martinez


Two LGBTQ characters written beautifully: Dani Clayton and Jamie Taylor from The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)


“I’m going to vote for Dani and Jamie from The Haunting of Bly Manor as written beautifully — I preferred the truth that Dani turn into once a dynamic personality who turn into once now now not gorgeous defined by one aspect. Her coming-out story (and eventual relationship with Jamie) hang been both incredibly crucial, nevertheless she had a yarn outside of that. Reasonably a range of instances, popping out ends up being the aspect that defines a personality, nevertheless that wasn’t the case with Dani (or Jamie). And even supposing Dani died, her loss of life had nothing to invent with her sexuality — she wasn’t killed off for that motive.”


“Dani from The Haunting of Bly Manor turn into once performed completely — her relationship with Jamie turn into once tender and sweet, and he or she turn into once allowed to hang a extensive personality arc outside of her gorgeous being extraordinary.”



Two LGBTQ characters written horribly: Nam Sook-hee/Maid and Izumi Hideko/Lady from The Handmaiden (2016)

CJ Entertainment

“The Handmaiden turn into once so male be conscious-y — it may perhaps hang been a colossal opportunity to portray East Asian females as fashioned of us in preference to stereotypical intercourse objects. It entirely pandered to that [straight] audience.”



And an LGBTQ personality written beautifully: Therese from Carol (2015)


Carol did a ultimate job portraying what or now now not it’s like to tumble in extraordinary fancy for the principle time via Therese’s personality. The plug of Therese questioning her sexuality to feeling very obvious and ‘never extra awake in my existence’ turn into once an correct portrayal of many extraordinary females — falling in fancy is also fun, complicated, and meaningful all at the identical time, and that is the reason what we saw via Therese’s eyes.

Plus, here is one in every of few extraordinary motion photography the put the fundamental characters of route had a overjoyed ending, and I, for one, turn into once relieved to behold Therese and Carol restful alive by the spoil of the movie (without falling sufferer to the ‘bury your gays’ trope).

Uncover: Some submissions hang been edited for length and/or clarity.


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