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In Dialog: Helena Hauff

Clash travelled to Paris no longer too long ago, soaking up the merger of NFTs, in trend tech, and membership-leaning electronics at VISIV.Helena Hauff caught our attention with a heavy-hitting pickle, certainly one in all the staunch highlights of the tournament. At this time afterwards, we sat down with Helena Hauff to explore her rise,…

In Dialog: Helena Hauff

Clash travelled to Paris no longer too long ago, soaking up the merger of NFTs, in trend tech, and membership-leaning electronics at VISIV.

Helena Hauff caught our attention with a heavy-hitting pickle, certainly one in all the staunch highlights of the tournament. At this time afterwards, we sat down with Helena Hauff to explore her rise, as she turns into one in all basically the most renowned DJs in Europe; we faucet into her influences and the formation of her uncommon sound, all while having a peek at females within the change, and what’s available within the long speed for techno artists.

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How did rising up in Germany encourage a savor of music and a ardour to pursue performing?

Honestly I develop no longer occupy any view because I don’t know what it’s love rising up any place else. Nonetheless, we had techno on the tv, and I take into accout I seen Electrical Indie Woman DJ with vinyl on a channel called Viva, which they played so extraordinary techno on, and I used to be always in fact into it. Germany does occupy a rich history in the case of techno – no longer as extraordinary in Hamburg where I grew up as in opposition to Berlin – and I didn’t occupy many chums at school who wished to head to raves or substantial techno events, so I got launched to the membership scene quite leisurely, round 18/19.

I cherished digital music however I didn’t in fact advance into the membership scene within the support of it until later in lifestyles. I’m no longer definite rising up in Germany had an gigantic initial impact, it wasn’t until I went to my first membership after I used to be 18 that I used to be blown away by the vitality within the support of it, and all of a sudden I used to be love “oh wow I want to be a section of this. I wanna be the cool one on stage.”

What about the raving scene conjures up you most and what quit you safe most spell binding about that total membership tradition?

When I used to be younger it used to be how darkish it used to be, how mysterious it would possibly perhaps well perhaps presumably additionally very neatly be. It had this mystique about it, one thing about strolling into this darkish, mysterious membership where all people used to be so extraordinary older and dressed so amazingly, neatly per chance no longer so extraordinary in hindsight, however on the time it used to be so contemporary and engaging. That used to be spell binding to me – and a chunk darkish and a chunk melancholic music had so extraordinary vitality within the support of it, and I always appreciated quite rougher music as neatly. I judge that’s why I wished to was a DJ, it appeared love a instrument to in fact explicit myself and a fluctuate of emotions. It used to be what I wished to say to uncover my chronicle.

I will watch there’s a form of parts of grunge and darkish industrial, gothic on your techno. I grew up going to a form of punk presentations and that weirdly brought me into the techno world. What about that enviornment of interest of a mode, for you, is so cool for you?

I in fact staunch take that sound over assorted sounds as a non-public desire. It speaks to me in a single map that others doesn’t. For me, the happy-happy and more pop stuff doesn’t squawk to me at all after I hear it, unlike a more darker, melancholic trend which has always caught out to me.

How quit you judge you came in some unspecified time in the future of your person sound int he wider panorama of techno? Are there any inspirations of oldsters that triggered you to coach a sure enviornment of interest of the trend?

I grew up in a membership called Golden Poodle in Hamburg and it wasn’t love a standard techno membership. It used to be very microscopic, and there used to be a wide fluctuate of genres conducted, from jazz to trance to 110 BPM slow industrial blended with italo-disco – it used to be staunch so eclectic. I in fact cherished that and it used to be my musical training, and what’s left of that is I don’t staunch play one particular sound, I take to mix a form of things and I came in some unspecified time in the future of my occupy manner of doing that and gravitating in direction of sure sounds from this. I came in some unspecified time in the future of my occupy trend from this, and that’s the largest notify when DJing – to safe a sure trend you’re alive to about. This comes with time and dedication.

What’s basically the most tasty section about taking half within the VISIV tournament tonight?

Neatly first of all I’ve by no contrivance long past B2B with Blawan, so as that’s one thing I’m in fact having a peek ahead to. Secondly it’s HUGE, frighteningly gigantic. It appears to be impossible with the banner with our names and the whole lot, and the production is staunch so cool. I’m so f*cking angry to safe the NFT avatar things tonight, I’ve by no contrivance seen anything else love it sooner than so it needs to be ailing. I additionally develop no longer occupy any view what’s taking place with the NFTs and what that’s gonna peek love, so it’ll be engaging to safe how that comes about and where it goes.

Obsessed with the theme of the VISIV tournament with NFTs and the Metaverse, I don’t know how into it you are, however quit you there’s a pickle for them to originate as a lot as all of a sudden profit artists financially?

Hmm, I don’t know, per chance no longer. There’s cool things we can quit with them, however in the case of promoting a song or production as an NFT and likewise you earn the signature love that’s the standard, I dunno. It’s aloof quite a definite segment notify and I’m no longer definite how the techno notify would slot in that, if it has to ascertain into that, in fact? I’m no longer definite! I’m in fact angry to safe the map in which it’s going to peek love tonight, I counsel it’s about ready and seeing.

Out of the cities you’ve played in, out of doorways of the main hubs of Berlin or London, quit you judge there are any cities with engaging scenes rising?

Neatly, Georgia comes to mind all of a sudden, that’s a substantial one. Ukraine, yeah. That’s very unhappy. There used to be hundreds taking place in Ukraine and a extremely shiny scene that’s been very shut down.

India, certainly, comes to mind. I’ve been a couple of instances, in addition to the Goa Trance notify that’s been going on for an awfully very long time, they’ve a terribly fascinating scene basically basically based completely round a extremely sturdy electro scene, so there’s a wide scene rising and they also’re getting in fact cool abilities over.

DJing is type of a wide staple of the realm sound, quit you can additionally occupy any advice to artists initiating out now in any such busy trend?

Don’t quit it for the vital person, simplest quit it would you’re fully it. There’s a terribly microscopic likelihood of making it, and likewise it’s probably you’ll perhaps presumably presumably like to consume so extraordinary time and vitality on it, that I’d advise quit it since you basically basically, deeply savor it. For these who don’t savor it to death, then quit one thing else or don’t earn the vital person side of it.

Don’t sigh the hype stuff or trends of music, strive to safe the notify that you savor. Be true to yourself in what type of music quit you basically savor, what quit it’s probably you’ll perhaps presumably presumably like to develop.

Work hard – obviously, haha! Socialise offline, it’s crucial to head to clubs and meet folk and focus on about with them. Build a diminutive employees of affection-minded chums. Create your occupy diminutive scene!

We can watch now that females are no longer staunch rising within the realm of DJing, however I’d advise they’re dominating now. There’s been an wide rise to it. Discontinue you judge the trend is changing into quite more involving to underrepresented groups, or quit you judge there’s aloof a protracted manner to head?

Yeah it’s taking place – we’re right here. It’s a cultured ask because there are a form of females doing this now, however there’s aloof hundreds of sexism internal the scene. Is that this a techno particular notify? Now not in fact. I judge it’s wide we’re speaking about it, and the map in which more females are changing into visible, however there’s aloof hundreds more work to total in the case of equality within the music scene. It’s certainly no longer good, and I’m no longer definite what good would peek love, however on a sure camouflage I judge it’s convalescing.

I in fact feel love we’re at an age where techno is booming, presumably because of accessibility or traditional curiosity. What quit you judge the long speed is going to peek love for it, quit you judge it’ll retain getting larger?

I judge there’ll be an arm going one manner where techno gets more business, and but any other arm going a clear manner where techno will originate as a lot as diverge and earn more fascinating and wild. It’s certainly more accessible with DJing digitally, as in opposition to vinyl (which takes a LOT of time, effort, money, and perhaps an obsessive persona). It makes the trend less complicated to earn entry to, so I judge it’ll be cool to safe it getting. Bit more decentralised, with stuff taking place in some unspecified time in the future of the sector out of doorways of staunch the hubs of London and Berlin. I judge a form of in fact cool, uncommon scenes will pop up all in some unspecified time in the future of the sector, which now we can all watch more without notify and is changing into less complicated to safe.

What’s subsequent!?

I’m going to unlock a solo EP this year, with any luck. I’m additionally going to unlock an album with two chums from Hamburg.

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