Kings Family Restaurants Are Open on Thanksgiving for Dine in and Carry Out

Kings Family Restaurant will provide a different Thanksgiving menu for dine in or attain.

Kings Family Restaurants Are Open on Thanksgiving for Dine in and Carry OutPittsburgh, PA  (RestaurantNews.comKings Family Restaurants right by the larger Pittsburgh disclose would possibly be commence for dine in and attain this Thanksgiving. All areas would possibly be commence from 7am unless 5pm on Thursday, November 25th.

Kings Family Restaurant will provide the core menu with breakfast classics fancy the Double Down Breakfast and other core objects fancy the Wake-Up Breakfast from commence unless 1pm. Kings would possibly be serving a different Thanksgiving menu with 3-route dinners alongside side behind-roasted turkey, oven roasted ham, and turkey and ham combo. The dinners are served mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, a residence salad and cut of pumpkin or King’s signature apple pie.

To boot to offering the dine in facets, King’s will provide select out feasts alongside side the Family Feast (serves 4), Deluxe Feast (serves 8) and novel Final Feast (serves 12) which choices an entire fully cooked turkey breast. The feasts reach fully ready in oven establish containers with reheating instructions. The feasts are served with old Thanksgiving facets fancy stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce and green bean casserole. The feast also comprises number of entire pumpkin or entire apple pie.

 “As our eating locations are getting lend a hand to fashioned as effectively as of us getting lend a hand to their fashioned behavior, we dwell up for web hosting Thanksgiving this year at Kings for parties of all sizes. We now earn dine-in 3-route dinners obtainable as effectively as select out meals for any measurement dinner you are planning on web hosting,” mentioned Alisha Merico, Marketing Supervisor for Kelly Restaurant Community, King’s guardian company.

Kings’ Family Restaurant is also offering an entire seven to nine pound, fully cooked turkey breast to hotfoot for appropriate $64.99. King’s also has all of the opposite Thanksgiving fix ins obtainable for attain alongside side quart measurement stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and entire pumpkin and apple pies.

Extra information on the King’s Family Restaurant is also found by visiting or calling your native King’s Family Restaurant.

Kings Family Restaurants Are Open on Thanksgiving for Dine in and Carry Out


Alisha Merico