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Letters of 23 June 2022 : 3.5pc pay rise too excessive for a pair of

This maximum and no longer the figure of three.5 per cent would possibly perhaps well well furthermore serene apply to those incomes under the in vogue wage of $90,800.Barry Lizmore, Ocean Grove, VicSalaries gain no longer kept tempo with incomeIn 1990, wages as a fraction of nationwide income in Australia stood at 50 per cent.…

Letters of 23 June 2022 : 3.5pc pay rise too excessive for a pair of

This maximum and no longer the figure of three.5 per cent would possibly perhaps well well furthermore serene apply to those incomes under the in vogue wage of $90,800.

Barry Lizmore, Ocean Grove, Vic

Salaries gain no longer kept tempo with income

In 1990, wages as a fraction of nationwide income in Australia stood at 50 per cent. Now they’re very best 45 per cent.

In fresh years, income gain risen 25per cent, while wages gain climbed very best 5 per cent. There would possibly be a system to redistribute capital wealth to all.

Like many worldwide locations, Australia would possibly perhaps well well space up a sovereign wealth fund, such as the Future Fund space up by the Howard authorities.

This fund would uncover by procuring shares in most necessary Australian firms and begin to accomplish a dividend, which would possibly perhaps well well then be dispensed to all Australian citizens as an annual rate. This idea wants a reforming authorities.

Gordon Payne, South Fremantle, WA

Storming of Capitol deserves a sterner look

Did US democracy if truth be told continue to exist the madness of Donald Trump? Arguably no longer. No lower than, no longer but.

The AFR takes a distinctly optimistic ogle of the US Capitol events (“Democracy defeats Trump’s madness”, Editorial, June 21).

To gloss over the violence, the deaths, the steadfast refusal of Trump to grab any responsibility and the US Republican Birthday celebration’s mainstream submission to Trump’s lies, is abhorrent at very best and excessive at worst.

US democracy became very best maintained by a pair of folks performing as they’d perhaps well well furthermore serene. A little selection of different folks attach themselves at possibility in discuss in confidence to appear democratic felony tricks withhold company.

The storming of Congress and the Capitol became no longer “a riot by ragtag camp followers”.

It became a premeditated, uncontrolled and viciously executed act to overturn democratic elections.

Inquire of your self what would gain came about if the “ragtag camp followers” had been dim?

Would the police were as reticent to utilize force? How would the Senators gain reacted – Republican and Democrat?

By some capacity, the violence and unconstitutional nature of the tried overthrow of the authorities is fascinating to be softened to a “riot by ragtag camp followers”. Numerous details wants to be skipped over in discuss in confidence to realize such a delicate-weight conclusion.

The US democracy is at possibility for as prolonged as Donald Trump stays free of any conviction for his actions throughout that time, and his persevering with lies this present day.

Michael O’Hara, Rossmoyne, WA

Dutton must snoop on the inform of historical past

Peter Dutton resides proof of the pronouncing that the one component we learn from historical past is that we don’t learn from historical past (“Dutton shrugs off internal dissent over emissions”, June 22).

His burning ambition to lead the Liberal Birthday celebration fulfilled, he appears determined to lead it to irrelevance at very best, or at worst, oblivion.

His stance on emissions legislation would possibly perhaps well well furthermore be paving the vogue for that inch.

He says: “We took our policy to the election, thousands and thousands of Australians voted for us on that foundation, and that’s the distance we’ll grab ahead.”

That’s correct, however 76 per cent of Australians didn’t.

John Mosig, Kew, Vic

Science is about to confuse us with selection

The invention by a Australian Nationwide College-led team of physicists that sure nanoparticles can alter the behaviour of light (“Scientists make light work to transform the cyber internet”, June 21) is entertaining files.

If their light-controlling mechanism would possibly perhaps well well furthermore furthermore be demonstrated to be reliable and to feature at correct scale, it would possibly perhaps perhaps well well make this present day’s cyber internet appear painfully gradual and frustratingly fussy about the demands positioned on it.

I and, I imagine, thousands and thousands of others will possible be waiting with bated breath.

On the other hand, there is a grab: a Google search would possibly perhaps well well derive thousands and thousands, even billions, of possible solutions in a nanosecond.

Douglas Mackenzie, Deakin, ACT

When our energy is less expensive than theirs

My wife and I weren’t surprised after we received an email from our energy provider explaining that our tariff major to be elevated as a result of the amplify in energy costs.

We had been, however, surprised to contemplate about that the energy we present to the grid from our solar panels diminished in mark.

Our company reduced our feed-in tariff by 3¢ per kilowatt hour.

Graeme and Toni Lechte, Brunswick West, Vic

Cryptos facing the wrath of a generation

Usual AFR readers love myself are handled to a range of concept items on cryptocurrency that are unequivocal of their distaste for the newfangled monetary medium.

With rhetorical flourishes, practically palpable enthusiasm and glee we hear of every and each impending annihilation of its price. And but, the very right consequence of cryptocurrency turning into worthless is perhaps a dystopian world that is antithetical to Western ideals.

Central bank-backed digital currencies (CBDCs), which purpose to step into the void left by cryptocurrencies, attain with the most disingenuous guarantees of “managed anonymity”.

A budget retort is: “When you occur to’ve got nothing to screen, why distress?”

Per chance the actual distress is the rent-searching out for behaviour that CBDCs would promote. A authorities checking legend? What about instant deployment of capital to whichever industries gain the best lobbyists? Social credit rating scores?

No boom.

Per chance these are no longer points that boom at ease later generations that gained’t live to appear the sunsetting of fiat and the inevitable segue to smartly-liked monetary theory, universal traditional income and the supremacy of the transaction surveillance panopticon.

But they’re right concerns from those youthful generations that can watch this coming from a mile off.

Yes, there are ideological divides that colour these debates – however there are demographic divides as smartly.

Young cryptocurrency merchants would possibly perhaps well well furthermore be espousing subjectivism about the medium for ascribing price to items and products and services (money), however it would possibly perhaps perhaps well well furthermore be basically based mostly on a sure realism about the prolonged stride.

Lachlann Tierney, South Yarra, Vic


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