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Philips Momentum Designed for Xbox video show review: A PC be conscious for couch avid gamers

In a global where folks are cutting out cable and playing extra video games than ever, there’s an valid, if very area of interest, employ case to be made for great, TV-sized computer displays that usurp the vaunted approach to dwelling theater centerpiece from former TVs. Philips’ Momentum 559M1RYV 55-creep 4K HDR video show, the…

Philips Momentum Designed for Xbox video show review: A PC be conscious for couch avid gamers

In a global where folks are cutting out cable and playing extra video games than ever, there’s an valid, if very area of interest, employ case to be made for great, TV-sized computer displays that usurp the vaunted approach to dwelling theater centerpiece from former TVs. Philips’ Momentum 559M1RYV 55-creep 4K HDR video show, the first flagship video show to create Microsoft’s “Designed by Xbox” seal of approval (awarded in 2021), feels as if it’s designed to suit particularly in that area of interest.

The Philips Momentum 559M1RYV offers HDMI 2.1 to play games in 4K at 120Hz, exactly what the Xbox Collection X and PS5 demand. There’s a built-in soundbar designed by audiophile speaker kind designer Bowers & Wilkins, making sure a larger audio abilities than your moderate TV. And, pointless to mutter, for of us who are attempting to join it to a PC, it parts the full vary of video show configuration alternatives, DisplayPort 2.0 ports, and all of the assorted accoutrement most steadily linked with a screen that sits on a desk in want to a TV stand. Switching from a TV to a gaming video show as your significant leisure screen comes with some compromise, however the Momentum 559M1RYV makes that transition as straightforward (and relaxing) as that which it’s seemingly you’ll personal of.

Converse me in regards to the Philips Momentum 559M1RYV video show

Past its tall dimension—practically twice the scale of a 32-creep video show—the Philips Momentum 559M1RYV is a in point of fact stable, feature-rich 4K gaming be conscious. The core stuff you may want to take hang of are straightforward: It’s a 16:9, 4K, LED-backlit panel able to working at up to 144Hz thru HDMI or DisplayPort, and 4K at 120Hz thru USB-C. That aggregate—4K and 144Hz—is a in point of fact telling aggregate. Amongst PC displays, 4K displays are aloof rather uncommon, especially with a frame price above 60Hz, as a result of that spec requires HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 or better (plus relevant cables). As with in trend TVs, it’s part of a rapid shift to adopt 4K/120Hz as a recent standard to accommodate the most contemporary maximum capabilities for the Xbox Collection X and PlayStation 5.

Though it has many of the hallmarks of displays, the 559M1RYV parts core specs that line up extra closely with a mid-vary to excessive-close TV. The clearest instance comes from its brightness ranking. The 559M1RYV is VESA-licensed DisplayHDR 1000, outputting at up to 1,200 NITs (1,000 NITs is a magic number for excessive-dynamic vary, allowing you to salvage full-vary lights prerequisites). It’s unparalleled extra general to hit that number in TVs than gaming displays, and console makers emphasize HDR as a key element of visible constancy. Additionally, the larger the screen, the brighter it have to be.

It’s a vertically aligned (most steadily known as VA) panel, that means the be conscious emphasizes visible constancy over response time. Namely, the 559M1RYV has stable distinction and dynamic brightness that emphasizes small small print in games. I will be able to’t mutter that I seen any components with visible latency playing on Xbox Collection X, PS 5, or Nintendo Switch, but 4ms is unhurried by gaming video show requirements, so competitive avid gamers may maybe get that its sharp image falls prey to gentle artifacting and various visible hiccups in excessive-rush, low-fi esports scenarios. The 559M1RYV’s rated for 95% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, outputting deep, neatly-saturated color.

Perchance primarily the most TV-esteem side of the abilities, then again, is the reality that it comes with a miles away to alternate inputs and settings. It isn’t as intense because the standard TV far away—there’s no numpad, precise a handful of buttons and a directional pad for navigating menus. Personally, I get the employ of the far away far less complicated than the onboard buttons you may want to employ for most displays, making it one of primarily the most happy configuration experiences I’ve ever had.

OK, but does that mean it isn’t stunning for taking part in PC games?

On the identical time, the employ of the 559M1RYV aloof feels esteem the employ of a PC video show over a TV in many respects. That it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe maybe be feeling it most when configuring the video show. Even when the employ of the far away, the expanded vary of settings for adjusting color, HDR, and various alternatives feels streamlined with a PC mindset. I get video show settings less complicated to be conscious than TV settings, so I personal about this a plus.

Its suite of inputs entails 3 HDMI 2.1 ports, 2 DisplayPort 1.4 ports, and a USB-C port to toughen the maximum vary of enter devices. (MacBooks are attempting to be plugged in displays, too.) It also parts 4 USB 3.2 ports and a USB Kind-B port, the latter of which you maybe won’t employ.

And then there are the areas where the two functions blend. I watch it most within the 559M1RYV’s Ambiglow lights—built-in LEDs that mission RGB lights from the head and aspects of the TV, either primarily based totally on what’s to your screen or in a colourful, mood-environment sample. I cherished that the backlighting is without wretchedness configured thru the video show’s settings menu. Is it worthwhile in any formula? Completely no longer. But this may maybe also fair utterly alternate the entire mood of a darkened room in a in point of fact relaxing formula.

A built-in soundbar beats TV audio system, any day

Close up of the Philips Momentum monitor's built-in Bowers & Wilkins soundbar
The Philips Momentum 559M1RYV parts a built-in soundbar that beats most TV and video show audio system. Mike Epstein

Whereas the tall dimension of the 559M1RYV is its most inserting quality, its built-in soundbar may maybe also fair truly be its most charming feature. Designed with audiophile speaker company Bowers & Wilkins (makers of fantastic stereo and all-in-one methods), it parts a wide five-speaker soundbar grafted onto the backside: two tweeters, two mid-vary audio system, and a subwoofer.

Simply build, here’s the suitable sound I’ve ever heard from a video show with built-in audio system. That’s one of the most bottom bars in user technology, but it without a doubt’s an accomplishment on the opposite hand. In most cases, video show audio system aren’t value the employ of. Restful, it goes a prolonged formula to rising the video show in actuality feel esteem an “all-in-one equipment.”

The soundbar delivers a stable, even-keeled sound that’s both louder and extra accurate than your moderate TV or video show audio system. That it’s seemingly you’ll maybe also in actuality hear the whizz and ping of bullets flying, or the crunch of a wooden door as its splinters and shatters. Compared to discrete soundbars, then again, its precision and punch lack predominant power. That doesn’t mean it’ll’t salvage loud, but its bass response lacks the force of even a somewhat much less expensive standalone soundbar. Curiously, the sound machine also lacks digital Dolby Atmos toughen for simulated surround sound, which looks esteem a no brainer for an Xbox-centered instrument. Base line: This may maybe also fair feel esteem an gargantuan pork up to non-audiophiles, but hardcore A/V nerds will likely aloof are attempting to pork up their sound methods.

What’s it esteem the employ of a gaming video show as an replace of a TV?

In general speaking, switching from my mid-to-finances-vary 4K TV to the 559M1RYV felt linked to leaping to 1 of the ideal TVs for gaming. The over 1 billion colors are richer and deeply saturated, bringing out small print within the gradient you is no longer going to observe in lesser devices. At $1,599.99 for the 55-creep model, it is wise that the image would compare to a excessive-close LED TV. 

The distinction is also stable in smaller, converse small print, so that you salvage these excellent, refined, HDR-enhanced moments esteem shadows solid by a campfire at night time. Don’t request to salvage the amazing blacks of either an OLED or even a QLED panel, though. Actually, I found some components with LED exquisite, that can make the backside corners of the screen appear lighter than they can procure to aloof. It became as soon as in actuality handiest noticeable within the outlet moments of staring at a repeat or starting up a recreation, then again, and snappy dissipated.

For a video show, I found it supplied stable viewing angles. That it’s seemingly you’ll maybe also watch it from subtle far to the side, extra than I would on the entire request of a video show. When the employ of the stand, it parts -5/10 level vertical tilt, so there is just a few room for adjustment to get the precise angle. Restful, I’ll maybe hesitate to counsel this while you esteem to procure folks over for enormous film nights.

The TV-sized originate element can shift your expectations around ease of employ, which mostly works against the 559M1RYV. To illustrate, the HDMI “handshake” within the event you swap from one enter to 1 other nearly always takes 1-2 seconds, which sounds quick, but feels very prolonged when turning on a recreation console or switching from one to 1 other. When linked to a PC, you rarely behold a video show “boot” as a result of your PC wants time to delivery up. In a TV environment, it’s far extra noticeable and may maybe maybe be a wee bit tense.

In that very same vein, I seen that the auto delivery-up feature on the PS5 and Collection X, that can steered or deactivate your TV within the event you switch the consoles on and off, don’t work with the 559M1RYV. Adore the handshake command, it’s a minor annoyance, but a uncommon small compromise that that which it’s seemingly you’ll maybe also fair no longer be conscious you’re making within the event you alternate over from a TV to a video show for console gaming.

So, who can procure to aloof rob the Philips Momentum 559M1RYV 55-creep 4K HDR gaming video show?

Philips Momentum Designed for Xbox monitor displaying a game
The Philips Momentum 559M1RYV falls exact into a quirky area of interest between streamlined TVs and configurable PC displays. Mike Epstein

The Philips Momentum 559M1RYV holds an spell binding site among gaming displays. It is technically tidy ample to interchange a TV but comes with all of the quirks and pleasures of the employ of a excessive-close video show. Given its sharp, colourful image, it’s straightforward to counsel for anybody who wishes to move their PC exact into a TV-sized screen for gaming or because the hub of their dwelling theater. It’s also tall when which it’s seemingly you’ll esteem an all-in-one dwelling theater equipment with a soundbar, ambient lights, and toughen for all of your contemporary consoles.

Given the Philips Momentum 559M1RYV’s extraordinary $1,599.99 tag, it’s laborious to claim it’s a stable gain over a smaller PC video show or a one of the top TV. Loads of the suitable 55-creep TVs, such because the LG C1, manufacture offer unparalleled better distinction and a extra pleasing vary of colors. The 559M1RYV offers elite depth and sharp traces, but no longer as wide a vary of color or pure blacks. On the assorted hand, I will be able to’t in actuality counsel somebody employ a 55-creep video show as part of a former desk setup. That it’s seemingly you’ll maybe also fair procure gotten to take a seat down just a few ft far from a screen this dimension, so it’s no longer a stunning replace for one or even two 24-32 displays.

I personal there’s room for a tidy-structure video show linked to this to allure to a unparalleled wider gaming viewers. Realistically, it have to be moderately extra streamlined and priced to compete with mid-vary TVs, in want to the simpler of the suitable. For now, the Philips Momentum 559M1RYV Designed for Xbox video show is the closing resolution for a in point of fact converse role of tech-savvy, hardcore participant who wishes their PC and consoles in a single site.


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