This PCIe 3 pressure sustains long writes with the cease performers and is rated for a staggering 27,000TBW per TB of capacity—consistently what’s offered by the standard NAND SSD.

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PNY’s recent LX3030 NVMe SSD isn’t for all people. It’s marketed at this time at Chia cryptocurrency plotting, a in point of fact high-bandwidth sustained write assignment. While you occur to’d love some recordsdata on how great recordsdata Chia requires, you could receive it right here. Nonetheless in case your workload involves something the same, equivalent to continuous mammoth-scale backup, video encoding, or anything that involves writing a lot and a lot of recordsdata, it can presumably even be of passion.

Why? The LX3030 is the fastest PCIe 3.0-primarily based sustained author we’ve tested and its TBW (TeraBytes that would possibly per chance per chance presumably even be Written) ratings are improbable: 27,000TBW per 1TB of NAND. Seagate’s scorching like a flash FireCuda 530 is rated for 1,250TBW per terabyte—masses of recordsdata by fashioned requirements, but scared one zero in contrast to the PNY’s rated sturdiness.

The make a choice? Once I whisper the LX3030 is no longer for all people, I imply it: the 2TB version I tested is priced at $1170—higher than twice what the aforementioned FireCuda 530. Gulp.

This overview is phase of our ongoing roundup of primarily the most effective SSDs. Droop there for recordsdata on competing merchandise and the map we tested them.

Impress and construct

The the rest of the LX3030 legend is extraordinarily mundane. It’s a four-lane PCIe 3 pressure within the fashioned 2280 (22 mm extensive, 80 mm long) M.2 blueprint component. PNY used to be extremely tight-lipped about minute print. Peeling wait on the impress, on the opposite hand, revealed a Phison PS5012-12ES-32 controller, eight unknown 3D NAND chips (I found no Web entry for the chip numbers), and two Kingston 1GB DRAM chips.

So why is PNY willing to provide these mammoth mammoth TBW ratings? To cite the firm “The LX household of SSDs employ Lifextension technology, a mixture of an evolved AI Engine, LDPC and Flash I/F to raise ultra-high plotting endurance.” Okay. That doesn’t in fact present us a lot, but for the document: LDPC is Low-Density Parity Checking; AI is the imitation of human intelligence—entirely inappropriate on this circumstance so I’ll call it an evolved algorithm; and I/F is simply flash interface.

Moral pure hypothesis: the pressure is heavily overprovisioned so extra cells are on hand as replacements, or as PNY claims, there’s special sauce within the controller firmware and the NAND is mammoth reputable. Or…

pny lx3030 flat PNY

PNY’s LX3030 offers principal longevity ratings, and is an honest performer over PCIe 3.

Truth learn, designate, warranties, and TBW ratings are joined on the hip. Drives that raise high TBW ratings and longer warranties are extra costly since the seller stands the next likelihood of attending to replace it. 

There’s been scuttlebutt at some level of the industry for years that NAND is great extra durable than most ratings display conceal. Furthermore, controllers dangle change into aces at maximizing tempo and/or longevity. Addtionally, it’s a renowned indisputable fact that nearly all users don’t write almost as great recordsdata as they heart of attention on they. 

54,000TBW is writing a 30TB of recordsdata on a traditional foundation for the 5 years of the 2TB pressure’s guarantee. That’s masses of recordsdata. “Chia plotting” amounts of recordsdata I’ve been told. 

pny lx3030 box PNY

PNY’s LX3030 carries the next TBW ranking than any NAND SSD we’ve reviewed.

PNY’s TBW ratings within the LX household spec sheet are birth to interpretation and construct no longer precisely match these in other promoting. The 1TB version is lined by the aforementioned 27,000TBW, but the guarantee is for many effective two years.

The most straight forward other drives I’ve seen with greater TBW ratings than the LX3030’s are Intel’s pure Optane SSDs, that are even pricier, but rated within the petabytes! While you occur to’ll receive one. They were discontinued in early 2021.


The 2TB LX3030 I tested used to be strictly mid-tier in its total performance. 3GB writing and 3.4GB reading are very like a flash (it’s PCI 3 most effective, keep in mind), on the opposite hand it is miles going to’t touch something love the Seagate FireCuda 530 for on a traditional foundation workloads. If bleeding edge performance or PCI 4 toughen are what you’re in quest of, watch in assorted places—this SSD is about endurance.

This so-so total performance would possibly per chance per chance presumably also successfully dangle something to construct with the special NAND dealing with PNY claims is all for promoting longevity. Rigorous error-checking, build on-leveling (spreading writes over the total NAND), and finer voltage assign an eye on would possibly per chance per chance presumably also certainly blueprint for slower performance.

pny lx3030 cdm6 IDG

The LX3030 used to be successfully off the tempo of high-tier drives such because the Samsung 980 Pro but the pressure is about longevity. Longer bars are greater.

The LX3030 used to be the slowest among the many pack in CrystalDiskMark 6, as successfully as in our true world 48GB switch tests confirmed below. It’s doubtless no longer exquisite to evaluation the LX3030 to drives love the FireCuda 530, Samsung 980 Pro, or Adata S70 Blade, but the LX3030 is great pricier than all of these so we couldn’t in appropriate sense of right and wrong build it up against price range wonders. 

pny lx3030 48gb IDG

The LX303 used to be decent, but no longer colossal in our 48GB switch tests. Shorter bars are greater. 

Where the LX3030 took flight used to be in our 450GB write test. It bested all other drives by no much less than a pair of seconds, and if truth be told, turned in primarily the most effective time we’ve seen over PCIe 3. PNY is it appears to be like by the SSD being designed with Chia plotting in mind.

pny lx3030 450gb IDG

Shock, shock. The LX3030 delivered a entirely principal 450GB write (over PCIe 3) performance. Shorter bars are greater.

The LX3030 does what it wants to, but with out a doubt I’d get to search out a PCIe 4 version. Handiest PNY (and sure Phison) is aware of if it can presumably also pull the superior endurance out of faster switch rates.

The PCIe 3 tests employ Windows 10 64-bit working on a Core i7-5820K/Asus X99 Deluxe system with four 16GB Kingston 2666MHz DDR4 modules, a Zotac (NVidia) GT 710 1GB x2 PCIe graphics card, and an Asmedia ASM3242 USB 3.2×2 card. It also incorporates a Gigabyte GC-Alpine Thunderbolt 3 card, and Softperfect Ramdisk 3.4.6 for the 48GB learn and write tests.

The PCIe 4 checking out used to be performed on an MSI MEG X570 motherboard socketing an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-core CPU, the exhaust of the same Kingston DRAM, cards, and instrument. All checking out is performed on an empty, or almost empty pressure that’s TRIM’d after every space of tests. Efficiency will decrease because the pressure fills up. If your pressure, given the same hardware, doesn’t produce equally, please let us know.

A true deal workhorse have to you’ve got the necessity and the coin

The LX3030 is costly and then some, so that you just in fact would love to blueprint sure that that you just’re writing the amount of recordsdata that’s required to blueprint beefy exhaust of its longevity. That’s doubtless Chia plotting. If that is the case, then you’ll contend with the peace of mind the LX3030’s ratings and warranties provide.

Otherwise, watch to the a ways much less costly competing drives confirmed within the charts, all of which also offer superior performance, a lot of sturdiness, and in addition toughen PCIe 4 for future-proofing.

Display conceal that PNY, alongside with loads of different companies has been known to swap to slower substances of their much less costly merchandise. I will’t stumble on that occurring with a made of this designate or ilk, on the opposite hand it wants to be mentioned.

Display conceal: While you occur to make a choice something after clicking hyperlinks in our articles, we would possibly per chance per chance presumably also produce a minute price. Learn our affiliate link coverage for extra minute print.

  • This SSD is have to you produce a lot and a lot of sustained writes, but have to you are no longer Chia plotting or doing other sustained high-bandwidth obligations, the intense sturdiness ranking doubtlessly will not be definitely worth the staggering designate.


    • First price on a traditional foundation PCIe 3 performance
    • Amazing 27,000TBW per 1TB longevity ranking
    • Quickest 450GB write time to this level


    • Extraordinarily costly
    • PNY has swapped in slower substances in low-cease drives

Jon is a Juilliard-trained musician, former x86/6800 programmer, and long-time (behind 70s) computer enthusiast residing within the San Francisco bay house.