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Review: Mon Amour

*SmoochSmackSlurp* I in level of fact fill a fascination with Yoshiro Kimura. I’ve repeatedly trumpeted my like of Chulip on this situation, and I was privileged ample to overview Moon with CJ Andriessen over a one year ago. The side is; I’m not regularly in like with Yoshiro Kimura’s games, but they scratch a very…

Review: Mon Amour


I in level of fact fill a fascination with Yoshiro Kimura. I’ve repeatedly trumpeted my like of Chulip on this situation, and I was privileged ample to overview Moon with CJ Andriessen over a one year ago. The side is; I’m not regularly in like with Yoshiro Kimura’s games, but they scratch a very explicit itch I in level of fact fill. Every time anyone asks me “what kinds of games attain you play,” my acknowledge is to expose my nostril up and inform, “games that I haven’t played earlier than.” Onion Games makes these. Appropriate, mediocre, or dreadful, they’re one thing I’ve never skilled.

Mon Amour doesn’t descend some distance from that tree. Whereas you occur to asked me to characterize it, I’d inform it’s Chulip mixed with Flappy Chook. It’s simply the most insubstantial game I’ve played from Onion Games — I had it executed internal about a hours of starting it — but I indubitably don’t mean that as damnation.

Mon Amour I don't know how to explain this

Mon Amour (Nintendo Swap, PC [reviewed])

Developer: Onion Games

Publisher: Onion Games

Launched: October 14, 2021

MSRP: $8.99

As the memoir goes, you’re some dude whose marriage ceremony is crashed by witches. The bride-to-be is became correct into a mouse and whisked away with the relaxation of the marriage ceremony internet page visitors. Your job is to rescue the complete internet page visitors by giving them a smooch. But will your rampantly promiscuous method to hostage negotiation throw a wrench within the gears of your would-be marriage?

Don’t judge about that now… Oops, you’re unnecessary. It be most critical to press a button to flap. You didn’t press it. You’re unnecessary.

The blueprint of Mon Amour is easy to carry. It be most critical to catch your realizing gentleman across the display cover and shatter into the girl(?) on the opposite side. It’s unnecessary easy! However, whereas you wish to climb the leaderboards and rescue the princess, you’re going to favor to learn the runt sides.

Mon Amour Lots of Fire

For starters, don’t contact the constructions. The metropolis begins to encroach from the terminate and bottom of the display cover, and they’re the principle barriers on your quest to chap some lips. You can purchase them at bay with explosive fruit and hearts which can be spewed out everytime you assemble mouth-to-mouth.

The fruit is rather self-explanatory. The diversified forms fill diversified magnitudes of blast waves, however the muskmelon gives you a shield. Don’t correct bewitch them up willy-nilly, it is possible you’ll fill them in emergencies, admire within the closing stage of the whole lot the place you face a random impediment.

The hearts, on the opposite hand, need cultivation. Admire, whereas it is possible you’ll. When two of them press collectively, they develop correct into a greater heart. After they catch substantial ample, they’ll explode whereas you contact them, all but again serving to you run the contrivance of barriers. The substantial ones also give you more method, whereas the runt ones aren’t even value selecting up. Learning to declare the place your temporary lover spurts out their hearts can abet you rack up many of method and kill the landscape.

Mon Amour Making Out at Home

The discontinue blueprint of Mon Amour is to receive and kiss the complete characters after which discontinue the 50th stage. This may perchance occasionally furthermore be pretty vexing since about a of the characters present up randomly. Fortunately, you don’t favor to play the complete game repeatedly to catch one other shot at these lip targets. You can bewitch a hapless kiss sufferer from a bestiary of them, then initiate from that stage.

Liberated libertines depend to boot being, so taking a knock will deduct one from your kissing conga line. Dropping a lover drops your post-stage bonus, and furthermore, they don’t catch counted in direction of the 64 wished to discontinue the game. You completely favor to catch each person to safety to catch their heads counted, which can furthermore be a enormous negate.

Human Centipede

That’s the lot of it. As I said, Mon Amour is a easy game. It’s a single-button title that requires a mode of repetition to catch the more niche mechanics down. That’s beautiful if the factual coast is put on things, but Mon Amour doesn’t appear to support Onion Games’ traditional like for going off-script.

A vogue of my disappointment doesn’t stem from the fact that there’s very runt gameplay depth. That’s beautiful. Dandy Dungeon was rather frequent whereas you boiled it down, but it sucked me in and saved me crooked for hours. Plus, it was well-written and continuously surprising. Mon Amour just isn’t admire that. It’s a easy game, and whereas the typical Onion Games character isn’t entirely absent, there’s no opportunity to shine.

The easy gameplay had deceived me into pondering that there was going to be some catch of twist someplace. It never came about. Presumably that’s a fault in my expectations, but it makes it advanced to shield the game.

Kiss Me

I don’t remorse taking half in Mon Amour. I in level of fact feel obligated to proceed the complete Yoshiro Kimura discography, and I will’t fill a gap in it. It has the unprecedented fine and quirky soundtrack I’ve advance to quiz, I correct don’t judge it’s required reading. It could well, nonetheless, allege us about like itself. It’s barely transient. It is going to likely catch you killed. You may perchance furthermore soundless ogle quantity over quality.

Mon Amour, as seen on the sphere, is nice adequate. It even has that in most cases tense “but every other turn” addictiveness. That doesn’t final long, and below that, there’s nothing to sink your teeth into. It’s the Taco Bell of Onion Games. It’s tastes admire food, it’s inoffensive, but whereas you dig in, you received’t receive any staunch meat.

[This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]


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