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Review: The Ebook of Boba Fett is a total lot relaxing nonetheless it indubitably’s indubitably The Mandalorian 2.5

Needs more Boba — The series never indubitably discovered whose memoir it wished to reveal. This shouldn’t be any longer the manner. Jennifer Ouellette – Feb 12, 2022 8: 27 pm UTC Procure greater / Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen (supposedly) wide name as Boba Fett and Fennec Shand, respectively, in The Ebook of Boba…

Review: The Ebook of Boba Fett is a total lot relaxing nonetheless it indubitably’s indubitably The Mandalorian 2.5

Needs more Boba —

The series never indubitably discovered whose memoir it wished to reveal. This shouldn’t be any longer the manner.

Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen (supposedly) wide name as Boba Fett and Fennec Shand, respectively, in <em>The Ebook of Boba Fett</em>.” src=”https://cdn.arstechnica.find/wp-advise material/uploads/2022/02/boba1-800×530.jpg”></img><figcaption>
<p><a data-height=Procure greater / Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen (supposedly) wide name as Boba Fett and Fennec Shand, respectively, in The Ebook of Boba Fett.


When The Ebook of Boba Fett used to be restful in production, creator Jon Favreau jokingly dubbed the spinoff series “The Mandalorian season 2.5.” It turns out that wasn’t indubitably a joke. I mean, we knew beforehand The Ebook of Boba Fett would happen within the same timeline. I staunch didn’t quiz that four episodes into a seven-episode season, the level of hobby would shift from Temuera Morrison’s iconic titular persona—i.e., the supposed wide name of the series—and the subsequent two episodes may possibly possibly perchance be spent mostly catching up with our accepted characters from The Mandalorian.  

It used to be (ahem) a spell binding ingenious different that generated indubitably intensive Web discussion (and more than about a mocking memes). The staunch news is that, on the total, The Ebook of Boba Fett is restful a hella sharp Neatly-known particular person Wars lope. And it closed the season with an action-packed, crowd-vivid hour-prolonged action sequence wherein Boba and his rather about a allies took on the unsuitable Pyke syndicate in a climactic fight—with a squee-worthy heartfelt reunion for staunch measure.

The erroneous news is that the series never indubitably discovered whose memoir it wished to reveal, in actuality squandering the promise of the first four episodes by failing to present its supposedly predominant persona in any meaningful manner.

Boba Fett makes his case:

Procure greater / Boba Fett makes his case: “Why talk of battle when cooperation can accomplish us all rich?”


(Spoilers beneath, nonetheless we supplies you with a heads up sooner than we salvage to the predominant displays.)

As I’ve written previously, a spinoff movie featuring Boba Fett had been in development at Disney as a ways serve as 2013, nonetheless then 2018’s Solo: A Neatly-known particular person Wars Myth proved to be a field station of job disappointment for the studio. Disney’s arrangement shifted to spinoff series for its streaming platform, Disney+, foundation with The Mandalorian. That series used to be a commercial and predominant success, a success over audiences with the relationship between Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian and the Child (aka Grogu, even supposing some restful comprise him as Little one Yoda).

Morrison’s Boba Fett appeared immediate within the S1 episode, “The Gunslinger,” along with Ming-Na Wen’s Fennec Shand, returning in S2 for a much greater role. In the finale, he played a pivotal role in rescuing Grogu from Moff Gideon, tricking the Imperials into allowing his cohorts to land in a cruiser’s fighter beginning tube.

Followers went wild over Build Hamill’s shock cameo as a (digitally de-veteran) Luke Skywalker, who takes Grogu with him to total his Jedi practicing. And there wasn’t a dry look within the residence as Grogu and the Mandalorian made their farewells. The aforementioned post-credits scene confirmed Boba Fett and Fennec invading Jabba the Hutt’s palace on Tatooine, with the target of inserting in Boba because the modern Daimyo.

Boba Fett escapes the sarlacc pit.

Procure greater / Boba Fett escapes the sarlacc pit.


The Ebook of Boba Fett bought off to a proper beginning, foundation with the revelation of staunch how the bounty hunter managed to salvage a ways from that sarlacc pit he fell into in Return of the Jedi. He emerges finest to pass out and enjoy his armor stolen by Jawas, sooner than being taken captive by Tusken raiders. Over time, he wins the tribe’s belief and turns into an honorary member himself. And then he rescues a demise Fennec Shand, who recovers as a consequence of a pair ingenious cyborg enhancements and turns into Boba’s 2nd-in-disclose.

That backstory is woven into reward-day events, as Boba and Fennec steal over Jabba’s criminal enterprise on Tatooine and strive and consolidate their vitality. They face opposition from “The Twins,” a pair of Hutts who judge Jabba’s throne rightfully must be theirs; the duplicitous mayor of Mos Espa, who’s also dull an assassination attempt on Boba and his crew; and the heroic Pyke Syndicate, which runs a spice prepare thru Boba’s territory and is neatly-positioned to overthrow the newly established Daimyo. Boba does enjoy some allies, most critically a community of motorway cyborgs and a Wookiee bounty hunter named Krrsantan (Carey Jones).

(WARNING: Principal spoilers beyond this level. Terminate reading now in case you haven’t completed staring at the series.)

Fennec Shand displays her considerable fighting prowess.

Procure greater / Fennec Shand displays her indubitably intensive combating prowess.


These first four episodes enjoy been solidly promising, establishing a closing showdown between Boba’s motley crew and the highly effective Pyke Syndicate. And then, inexplicably, the subsequent two episodes are devoted solely to the persevering with adventures of Din Djarin, wide name of The Mandalorian, and the youngling Grogu. Din Djarin’s arc finds him tracking down surviving Mandalorians, in conjunction with The Armourer, finest to be outcast from the tribe because he admitted he once eliminated his helmet. When Fennec Shand asks for his assist within the impending battle for Tatooine, he has the same opinion—after he runs a non-public errand.

That errand entails visiting his buddy Grogu, who has began his Jedi practicing with Luke Skywalker on a miles-off planet, to give him a rather about a chain mail shirt he had The Armourer forge out of his beskar spear. Grogu is deservedly a fan accepted, nonetheless he doesn’t salvage to gape Din Djarin. Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) warns that his mere presence may possibly possibly perchance be a distraction from Grogu’s Jedi practicing, so the Mandalorian reluctantly leaves, asking Tano to pass on the reward. Luke—sensing the youngling’s divided loyalties—gifts the chain mail to Grogu and tells him he must take between that and Yoda’s veteran gentle saber, i.e., between his like for the Mandalorian and his Jedi practicing.

Grogu tames the savage rancor

Procure greater / Grogu tames the savage rancor


Conspicuously absent from all of this used to be any signal of Boba Fett. The 2 memoir lines did near collectively within the showy, mostly vivid season finale, nonetheless it indubitably virtually gave the look of the writers enjoy been struggling to give their predominant persona one thing predominant to enact. He fought valiantly subsequent to his fellow Mandalorian, and acquired to poke his pet rancor into fight. However the showdown with Bane felt weirdly flat, possibly because we hadn’t indubitably seen them interact sufficient to take dangle of into the root of Bane being Boba’s gargantuan nemesis.

I’ve cherished Temuera Morrison as an actor ever since his incredible efficiency in 1994’s As soon as Had been Warriors, nonetheless his gifts are mostly wasted right here. Boba Fett most incessantly appears like a supporting persona in his have series, and we never indubitably salvage much perception into his persona and motivations. So why no longer staunch weave his memoir thru The Mandalorian, if they didn’t enjoy sufficient compelling subject cloth, in station of strive and run things out into a seven-episode wide name car?

Don’t even salvage me began on the indecent sidelining of Ming-Na Wen’s Fennec Shand, who doesn’t salvage almost about sufficient opportunities to wield her spectacular combating abilities. As for Jennifer Beals’ Garsa Fwip, who runs The Sanctuary cantina in Mos Espa, she’s on show veil even less sooner than getting blown up (along along with her clientele) by Pykes within the penultimate episode. Talk about one other raze of gargantuan-name skills.

Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) falls at the hands of Cad Bane (Corey Burton/Dorian King). But a post-credits scene tells us he might be back.

Procure greater / Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) falls at the fingers of Cad Bane (Corey Burton/Dorian King). But a post-credits scene tells us he’s also serve.


As a minimal Timothy Olyphant’s Cobb Vanth, gunslinging marshal of Freetown, will get to utilize in some Justified-vogue shenanigans with Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane (Corey Burton/Dorian King), sooner than Bane guns him down at the behest of the Pyke syndicate. Judging by a post-credits scene, we would peek more of Vanth in due route, possibly with about a cyborg upgrades, like Fennec Shand.

In fact, the like minded segment of the finale used to be the sudden arrival of Grogu, having chosen the chain mail armor and Din Djarin, as we all knew he would. He leaps delightedly into his buddy’s fingers with a squeak, melting hearts all at some level of the planet, and does his have Power-ful segment within the fight, in conjunction with soothing a savage rancor.

Briefly, The Ebook of Boba ended up being more of an sharp bridge to The Mandalorian S3, checking off a bunch of packing containers to space up other series, in conjunction with the deliberate restricted series, Ahsoka. That is admittedly similar to the map of Wonder’s WandaVision, nonetheless no longer lower than Wanda Maximoff and Imaginative and prescient bought to be the explicit focal level of their self-titled series. Boba Fett deserved greater. This shouldn’t be any longer the manner.

All episodes of The Ebook of Boba Fett are in actuality streaming on Disney+.

Cad Bane (Corey Burton/Dorian King) looks suspiciously like another alien space cowboy.

Procure greater / Cad Bane (Corey Burton/Dorian King) appears suspiciously like one other alien location cowboy.

Neatly-liked Photos/Disney+


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