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RPG Solid – Episode 577: “Eclipse, I Love You, however GO AWAY”

by Chris Privitere · Published March 13, 2021 · Updated July 26, 2021 It’s a reasonably quieter week after the mass dump of games that turned into once February and the principle week of March. Kelley doesn’t need her mother to mediate she’s observing hentai, while Anna Marie insists our reviewers don’t abominate every sport.…

RPG Solid – Episode 577: “Eclipse, I Love You, however GO AWAY”

Chris Privitere


· Updated

It’s a reasonably quieter week after the mass dump of games that turned into once February and the principle week of March. Kelley doesn’t need her mother to mediate she’s observing hentai, while Anna Marie insists our reviewers don’t abominate every sport. Josh will in some unspecified time in the future be free of the tale grip of Frigid Steel IV, however no longer sooner than Chris convinces him if he factual lifts a truck, he can secure a brand unique orbment.

Set a matter to the Week

Affirm us your most spicy “My uncle works at Nintendo” fib you heard on the schoolyard rising up.

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2 Responses

  1. Used to be listening to Kelly and Anna’s chat about Bravely Default 2, and I wished to add in my two cents, if that’s okay…

    (If no longer, be at liberty to skip this)

    Discover Freelancer on all four characters to Sinister 12 ASAP!

    Between the two JP U.s.a.which lift out indeed stack, they also earn “Purge” to rid your earn collectively of station outcomes like berserk and Doom, among others, “Sq. One” which will seize away the final buffs from enemies (that turned into once a godsend in opposition to Orpheus the Bard and his fixed buffing of enemies), and “Body Slam” which does unholy quantities of injure for the rate of 1BP and retains getting stronger as you stage. Where I’m at, I’m doing, on moderate, 1500 HP injure per “Body Slam” and 2200+ HP if it crits. I will have the ability to wade thru complete dungeons with everyone having Freelancer as their sub-job and factual one or two shoting every habitual enemy with “Body Slam.” Obtain every personality Mettlesome once, lift out two Body Slams, and every monster in a habitual bump into is incessantly ineffective by the level everyone will get a flip, if no longer sooner. And that’s me taking half in on Frequent and it hasn’t failed me but and I’m piece draw into Ch 2 having gotten two unique jobs from the epic and, I mediate, about to earn a third.

    Now no longer an efficient strategy on bosses, to comprise all four with Miscellany, however I continuously maintain at the very least one earn collectively member with it they generally continuously cease up being my MVP.

  2. I surprise if the Shin Megami Tensei anime you had been speaking about is both Shin Megami Tensei: Tokyo Revelation or Digital Devil Memoir: Megami Tensei. SMT: Tokyo Revelation is an OAV that isn’t in accordance to any sport in bid, even though the instruct is quite the same to Digital Devil Memoir: Megami Tensei. This turned into once truly released domestically within the US by Manga Entertainment as “Tokyo Revelation.”

    Digital Devil Memoir: Megami Tensei is an OAV adaptation of the principle original by the identical title, the one who gave upward thrust to your entire franchise. That one turned into once by no contrivance released within the US, however I give it some idea turned into once released within the UK and in all likelihood some diversified nations in Europe, too.

    Anyway, as for the Questions of the Week, I’ll hiss you about the time I fell for this kind of tale hook, line, and sinker. One day in 1999, I turned into once told by a classmate that Yoshi from the Mario franchise turned into once a secret Pokemon. Per chance it’s as a result of I turned into once 12, however it certainly made sense to me at the time that one other Nintendo personality might presumably presumably presumably be made accurate into a hidden Pokemon.

    I tranquil undergo in mind the directions he told me: commerce one Dratini for one other between Crimson and Blue version. Both games wanted to comprise 150 Pokemon caught within the Pokedex. Scream that Dratini till it evolved into Dragonite and be certain the Dratini within the diversified version has also evolved. After that, commerce them wait on and seize the Dragonite to the Cerulean Cave and return to the island Mewtwo veteran to stand on. Exercise a Fireside Stone on the Dragonite and this might perchance presumably presumably evolve Yoshi. I did all of that and certain sufficient, neither my Dragonite nor my sister’s evolved into Yoshi.

    Unsurprisingly, I change into a long way more skeptical after that. Years later, I would secure out this Dragonite into Yoshi rumor originated as an April Idiot’s Day prank within the April 1999 misfortune of Exper Gamer journal. I’m quite hotfoot this miniature one turned into once laughing within the wait on of my wait on when I told him I attempted it and it didn’t work.

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