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Venzo biking footwear overview

The Venzo biking shoe is a supremely joyful, versatile, and affordable shoe that ensures a ravishing match for wide-footed cyclists. For Immense joyful Comes with cleats – compatible with Analysis Delta and SPD Tall match for anybody with wide toes Towards We most well-appreciated the overview of alternative objects Decide to set up cleats The…

Venzo biking footwear overview

The Venzo biking shoe is a supremely joyful, versatile, and affordable shoe that ensures a ravishing match for wide-footed cyclists.


  • Immense joyful
  • Comes with cleats – compatible with Analysis Delta and SPD
  • Tall match for anybody with wide toes


  • We most well-appreciated the overview of alternative objects
  • Decide to set up cleats

The Venzo biking shoe would per chance well sport the overview of a dad’s working coach from the ‘90s, but don’t be fooled – this roomy road biking shoe is within the working for thought to be among the supreme footwear for Peloton (opens in recent tab) by a prolonged stretch. 


Size vary: 3.5-14.5

Available colours: Unlit, White, Unlit/ Blue, Unlit/ Silver/ Crimson, Unlit/ Purple, White/ Purple

Clip compatibility: Analysis Delta (3-gap), SPD (2-gap) 

We chanced on these biking footwear wise joyful and were in terror of how wide yet accurate they felt on our toes. Cycling footwear can traditionally feel tight and narrow and in total require you to crawl a size as a lot as search out your supreme match, but that isn’t the case with this shoe. Venzo blends consolation and efficiency to make a flexible shoe that would per chance tackle road utilizing and soundless swimsuit your sweaty dash classes. They’re compatible with all cleats, which scheme they’re excellent on your Peloton bike (opens in recent tab), and they also even come packed with Analysis Delta cleats so you may well presumably also hop straight onto your bike, in a position to crawl. 

Whereas the Venzo invent will be hit or circulation over for some, the mark unquestionably isn’t, and we reckon these are effectively worth snapping up while you’re within the marketplace for a brand recent pair of Peloton footwear. 

Test out about a of the supreme exercise bikes (opens in recent tab) to pair along with your recent biking kicks, or read on below for our plump overview of the Venzo biking footwear. 

Label and availability

We chanced on the Venzo biking footwear complicated to pin down on the Venzo web put, but these footwear are broadly accessible on Amazon at assorted costs between $80–$100, including Delta cleats. It be s mid-vary mark level – more affordable than premium manufacturers adore the Rapha biking shoe (opens in recent tab) and extra in holding with the Shimano RC1 biking shoe. Venzos are accessible in a unfold of colours and match with Analysis Delta and SPD cleats.  

Construct and points

Venzo Cycling Shoes on white background

(Image credit rating: Future)
  • Construct and points catch: 3.0/5

We’re no longer die-exhausting fans of the fearless Venzo biking shoe invent, and in my knowing hang the sleek and understated invent of the Shimano RC1 biking shoe and the Nike SuperRep cycle footwear (opens in recent tab). Whereas the footwear don’t beget any awards for subtlety, they’re soundless a extraordinarily effectively-made addition to the Peloton shoe line-up. 

The synthetic greater is coupled with a extremely breathable, hasty-drying, and ultra-lightweight mesh full with a removable sock liner. The Venzo is low slash across the ankle to supply a greater vary of motion, and the flexible forefoot furthermore permits some motion through your foot, too. The sloping beveled excessive-heel (in total chanced on in working footwear to slash encourage heel affect) is a nice touch but doesn’t feel wanted in a biking shoe. 

The Venzo biking shoe comes fitted with three wide hook and loop velcro straps and Analysis Delta cleats. We hang the BOA-dial system that now replaces straps and laces on many contemporary biking footwear, adore the Santic biking shoe (opens in recent tab), but though they overview a trail outdated-usual, the straps wrap and accurate the foot with luminous effectivity, and our foot felt supported without a slippage at some stage in our rides. 

The Analysis Delta cleats maintain 9° of drift (which refers back to the amount of motion accessible to your foot when clipped into the pedal.) Mounted cleats will present small to no give, but 9° presents roughly 4.5° each and each methodology for a extra joyful crawl.  


Venzo cycling shoes next to Peloton bike

(Image credit rating: Future)
  • Consolation catch: 4.5/5

Speaking of consolation, these footwear smashed it out of the park. The invent prospers with the flexible forefoot, 9° of drift, and low-slash heel all aiming to amplify consolation and motion at some stage in your foot while remaining accurate along the outer sole. On the opposite hand, this amplify in flexibility would per chance well doubtlessly slash encourage the energy return and biking effectivity that stiffer footwear present. That said, we felt the shoe soundless held its non-public at some stage within the trail-pull phases of our pedal revolutions, even with the extra drift. 

The relaxed leather tongue of the Venzo shoe didn’t dig in or feel rigid, but the heel did initiate to bite at some stage in our patience crawl – but this wasn’t a deal-breaker. The main characteristic of this shoe used to be how wide and padded the shoe felt. Now no longer thought to be among the opposite footwear we tested felt as roomy because the Venzos, and we couldn’t maintain how hasty and easy they were to pull on and off. One of the tighter footwear we tested required some awkward shimmying across the room to build up into them, but these slipped straight on, and the straps will be secured nice and tight. 


Venzo cycling shoe clipped into Peloton bike

(Image credit rating: Future)
  •  Efficiency catch: 4.0/5

The Venzo biking footwear feel lightweight and breathable and present extra give than other footwear we tested. Again, this can crawl thought to be one of two ways for alive to cyclists who prefer a extra rigid shoe, but we loved having extra bend accessible to our toes. The footwear held effectively within the pedals, and our heels felt supported at some stage in making an are attempting out uphill Tabata climbs after we cranked the resistance up. We’d maintain cherished the footwear to come with an guide, but while you’re questioning “how attain biking footwear work (opens in recent tab)?”, then our crawl-to knowledge presents the final solutions you’d like.  

Label for money

  • Label for money catch: 4.0/5

 Priced at the $100 designate (with cleats incorporated), these footwear are big mark for money. The Santic biking shoe is roughly the same mark, but they’re supreme Delta compatible and don’t come with cleats. 


Overall, we extremely rate these footwear as thought to be among the correct biking footwear for Peloton. They’re versatile, wise joyful, and won’t mark you an arm and a leg for the privilege.  

Seemingly decisions

Rapha classic cycling shoes

(Image credit rating: Future)

If these footwear aren’t to your style, the Shimano RC1 biking footwear are equally priced and refined in invent. They’re praised for their joyful glove-adore match, but we counsel procuring a size as a lot as be safe. 

If you’re joyful to bump up your budget, the Rapha biking shoe (above) is our premium hang and offers investors a luxurious biking shoe expertise and a extra extinct biking overview.  

How we tested

We tested the Venzo biking shoe in our aim-built making an are attempting out heart and scored them from 1-5 across the following criteria: 

  • Construct and points
  • Consolation 
  • Efficiency
  • Label for money

For all objects, we tackled a hasty-paced HIIT class and an active recovery session to make obvious that each and each shoe would per chance well energy through and stutter – no matter the person’s workout preferences. 

We then gave the footwear an overall ranking out of 5 with a closing verdict summarizing each and each mannequin’s strengths and weaknesses, and whether we reckon they’re crawl-ready. 

What the users thunder

The Venzo biking footwear pulled in a extraordinarily first rate 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon. Varied certain opinions cited them as big mark for money and loved how joyful and wide they were. Customers furthermore rated Venzo for including cleats. Destructive feedback mentioned that it be crucial to look at the cleats yourself. 

Sam Hopes

Sam Hopes is a stage III effectively being coach, stage II reiki practitioner, and resident effectively being author at Future PLC. Having expert to work with each and each the mind and physique, Sam is a enormous suggest of the employ of mindfulness tactics in sport and targets to stutter psychological wellbeing to the forefront of effectively being. She’s furthermore smitten by the basics of training and the scheme in which we are in a position to construct extra sustainable training strategies. You’ll accumulate her writing about the importance of addiction-constructing, diet, sleep, recovery, and exercises.


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